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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dear Readers,

You probably already know how difficult it is to get your hands on the Zhuo You Zhi magazine, much less the Original SP cards themselves.

We've decided to bring in as many Zhuo You Zhi magazines as we can afford, so that we can get hold of the magazines AND the SP cards.

Extremely Rare copy of the March 2011 issue with SP Diao Chan

Truth is, most people just want the SP cards, and the magazine means little to them. Furthermore, the magazine weighs like a ton of bricks, so it really costs a bomb to mail them.

So we've decided to take out the SP card and sell it directly... which kinda means i'll have a big mountain of magazines without SP cards just waiting for the recyclers.

Left: Scanned image for SGS Blog. Right: Actual Diao Chan SP002 card (Original)

A word of warning though, these SP cards do not come cheap. We do our best to make sure that what we bring in is the Original stuff. So you can rest assured and order through us.

Click here to visit SP cards.

Thanks once again for all your support thus far. Have fun and Enjoy the SP cards! 杀!


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