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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jia Xu 贾诩 (SP012)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 5:10 PM 2 comments

Translated Description:
“Never a strategy miscalculated 算无遗策(suàn wú yí cè)”

Who is he?
I remember it clearly when the celebrity Chinese scholar Yi Zhong Tian 易中天 (famed for his televised lectures of ROTK) said: “Jia Xu was probably the smartest character during the whole Three Kingdom era.” As an advisor, Jia Xu’s work experience seems to be a little complicated. He previously served Dong Zhuo 董卓, Li Jué 李傕 and Zhang Xiu 张秀 before finally joining Cao Cao 曹操. Then he served as an official in Wei Kingdom under Cao Cao's son, Cao Pi 曹丕. Despite his flip-flopping loyalties, Jia Xu was an exceptional advisor. Not only did he know what his ruler was thinking, he also knew what his enemy was thinking. He always considered every detail and possibility, then predicted what would happen next with uncanny accuracy. According to historical records, he never made a single strategic mistake in his entire life. In the last few years of Cao Cao's rule when the irate ruler became extremely paranoid, many great advisors were slaughtered, but not Jia Xu. In my personal opinion, this man really is a legendary figure. If you want to know more details about him, just check out Ricky’s write-up about him and find out!

Why is he an SP character?
Just as the other SP characters, he changed his allegiances in history. SGS decided to make an SP version of him to complete the whole story of the Three Kingdoms.

Character ability 1: “Unmitigated Murder 完杀 (wán shā)” [Enforced ability] 
During your turn, with the exception of yourself, only characters who are on the brink of death (health equals zero or less) can use PEACH 桃.

Character ability 2: “Descend into Chaos 乱武 (luàn wǔ)” [Single-Use Ability] 
During your action phase, your can force every player, other than yourself, to use an ATTACK 杀 on another player at the least distance away. If a player is unable to do so (no ATTACK cards to use or attack range cannot reach any player), the player will lose 1 unit of health. Recipients of the ATTACK need to use DODGE 闪 to evade. This ability will proceed in succession starting from the player on your right.

Character ability 3: “Behind the Curtain 帷幕 (wéi mù)” [Enforced ability] 
You cannot become the target of tool cards with the suit of "clubs" or "spades".

Additional info based on changes:
Nothing really changed except his allegiance and drawing. Well, this drawing does look better than the previous one, which is way too scary. However, lots of people think that his abilities should be changed after the change of his allegiance. His abilities do not support any of the Wei Rulers. Furthermore, Jia Xu never employed his “descend into chaos” ability again after joining Wei.

Wiki Links:
- Jia Xu Wiki

How to obtain this character?
He is not available on SGS online yet. For obtaining a card, purchase ZYZ magazine issue #12 (December 2011).

Contributing Writer:
- Cherry Cat


  1. Not for sale at sinogames yet?

  2. He is now available on SGS ^^, happened to play with one guy using this version of Jia Xu.


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