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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Liú Bèi 刘备

Posted by Ricky Chua On 8:18 PM 28 comments
Translated description:
"The ambitious leader in tumultuous times 乱世的枭雄 (luàn shì dè xiāo xióng)"

Who is he:
The "good" guy. Liu Bei is the founding ruler of the Kingdom of Shu Han 蜀汉 during the Three Kingdoms Era. The impression of Liu Bei amongst people today depends on which side of the fence they are on. If they are fans of Shu Han and its chivalry, they would say Liu Bei was a benevolent leader, well-loved by his people. If they are not fans of Shu Han, they would say he was too soft and too kind. Either way, the fact is that you cannot possibly know Romance of the Three Kingdoms without knowing Liu Bei.

Character ability 1: "Benevolence 仁德 (rén dé) "
You can give any amount of on-hand cards to any amount of players in his turn. If the total number of cards given away is 2 or more, you regain 1 unit of health.

Character ability 2: [Ruler Ability] "Rouse 激将 (jī jiàng)"
You can ask any Shu 蜀 character that is in play to use an ATTACK 杀 card for you.

(The attack is considered as being "used" by Liu Bei even though the card itself comes from another player. This means the attack properties such as range and element is based on Liu Bei, not the player that issued the card. Of course, Shu characters in play can choose not to use an ATTACK card for him.)

Ability's relation to Story:
Liu Bei is regarded as the benevolent leader in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, usually generous and kind to his followers. The ability to give cards to any player mirrors Liu Bei's generosity.

Matching weapon: "Gender Double Swords 雌雄双股剑 (cí xióng shuāng gǔ jiàn)"
Liu Bei's actual weapon in Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a "pair of ancient swords 双股剑" and does not have anything to do with gender. The word "gender 雌雄" was added by the game makers so as to give this weapon its gender specific ability.

Additional info based on Story:
1. Most famous achievement - Built up the Kingdom of Shu Han despite humble beginnings as a straw-weaver.

2. Cause of death - Official records is due to dysentery, though the legend goes that he fell sick due to despair and regret for his massive loss at the Battle of Yiling 夷陵之战. Prior to that battle, Liu Bei launched a massive attack on the Kingdom of Sun Wu 孙吴 against Zhu Ge Liang 诸葛亮's advice to avenge the death of his sworn brothers Guan Yu 关羽 and Zhang Fei 张飞. Liu Bei was eventually defeated by Lu Xun 陆逊 and loss nearly all of Shu Han's generals.

Wikipedia links:
Tactics: [By Jonkow]
Ruler (A)
Liu Bei is a fantastic ruler character(duh, he is after all a ruler-type character...) Anyway, with the "Benevolence" he becomes more resilient and harder to kill since he can easily heal 1 hp every turn and after he identifies his allies and enemies he is basically in control of the whole game. Even if his allies are not "shu" members, he can easily make use and abuse the fact that he can simply give the cards he drew to his allies to get them to use it on his behalf and simultaneously heal 1 hp making it both difficult to kill him and also difficult to kill his allies. With his "Rouse" abiliy, he can just ask his "ATTACK" allies to use " ATTACK " for him. If you don't understand how awfully overpowering this ability is, you can just imagine him getting Huang Zhong, Guan Yu, Ma Chao, Zhao Yun, Ma Dai and Zhu Rong to use " ATTACK " for him.
PS. If one of your enemies happen to be Zhuge Liang with the "empty city" skill just give him a non-"ATTACK" card and watch his face contort into a mix of both horror and disgust...

Loyalist (A-)
Incredible-but-not-as-awesome-as-ruler. He can do the same as above, just give cards to your "Ruler" and viola! you get a tough loyalist+ruler combo, however its not very wise to get the ruler to do your dirty job for you since its the "Loyalist's" job to get his hands dirty anyway. =)

Rebel (B)
Since we have already established that Liu Bei is a support character i shall not bore you with the details about how he can support. Basically the same formula as above.

Defector (B-)
Now, Liu Bei in my opinion is a REALLY fun defector character to use. Before you are discovered, you can give players some useless cards to make them think you are their ally while healing yourself when you are attacked. But what if you are discovered? No fear, ya can just "bribe" the losing side since Liu Bei is such an awesome support character and everybody loves Liu Bei. However, take extra caution to maintain the balance of the game since if the game starts getting loopsided, you are sure to be the first to die... But nontheless its still incredibly fun to play as a Liu Bei defector.

FAQ and Disambiguation:

1. Can Liu Bei choose not to increase health after giving 2 cards or more?
Ans: No.

2. Can the receiving player refuse to accept the cards?
Ans: No.

1. If a Shu Character uses an ATTACK in response to Liu Bei's  ''Rouse'' who suffers the penalty of retaliation or receives the rewards for a kill? The Shu Character who used the ATTACK, or Liu Bei?
Ans:  Liu Bei . He is the source of the attack and will receive all the penalties/rewards.

2. If no player responds, can Liu Bei still use an ATTACK card ?
Ans: Yes if he has not used any ATTACK  prior to using ''Rouse''.

3. If no player responds, can Liu Bei change a different target player and use ''Rouse'' again?
Ans: Yes.

4. If no player responds, can Liu Bei use ''Benovelence'' to give other players cards before using ''Rouse'' again?
Ans: Yes.

5. Is there a limit to the number of times this ability can be used in a turn?
Ans: It depends. As long as an ATTACK card has not been used in Liu Bei's turn to attack another player, ''Rouse'' can be used repeatedly.

6. Can the ATTACK used by a Shu Character (in response to ''Rouse'') carry that character's ability attributes? Eg. Can Ma Chao use ''Iron Calvary '' with his ATTACK?
Ans: It depends on the ability. ''Rouse'' only allows the character to use ATTACK on behalf of Liu Bei. Guan Yu and Zhao Yun can use their abilities to produce an ATTACK card but Ma Chao's ''Iron Calvary'' ability occurs on top of producing the ATATCK card and is therefore not allowed .

7. Can the Shu Character use his weapon attributes when he uses ATTACK?
Ans: Only ''Serpent Halbert'' attribute is allowed since it only involves producing an ATTACK. All other weapon ability's that add-on to the ATTACK is not allowed.

8. Will Liu Bei's weapon attributes be effective when another Shu Character responds to ''Rouse''?
Ans: Yes, as long as it fullfils the ability criteria . Eg: ''Heaven Scorcher Halbert'' ability cannot be used since it is not Liu Bei's card that is used.

9. If Liu Bei equipped ''Serpent Halbert'' , can a Shu Character use any 2 characters as an ATTACK?
Ans: No. The ATTACK card needs to be produced by the character. Remember that producing the ATTACK card is not the same as the weapon ability. (I know its a little confusing)

10. After a Shu Character uses ATTACK in response , can Liu Bei still use an ATTACK card himself  in that turn?
Ans: No. The ATTACK card by the character is considered used on behalf on Liu Bei , so it counts as Liu Bei having already used an ATTACK card in his turn.

11. Can Liu Bei give away the equipped cards?
Ans: No. He can only give his on-hand cards.


  1. Not sure about this, but I think for Liu Bei's benevolence ability, you wrote that "If the total number of cards given away exceeds 2, the player regains 1 unit of health." I'm not entirely sure, but when I read the card, I thought giving away 2 was enough (you didn't have to exceed 2). But I could be wrong ;)

    1. i think it is "equals to or more than 2".

  2. Hi Ryan, thanks for that. Yes you are right it is a typo on my part.

    "It should read if the total number of cards given away is 2 or more."

    Thanks again!

  3. can he give his equipped cards?

  4. No he cannot. He can only give his on-hand cards. I just noticed that I did not write down that point in the post. I shall add that in!

  5. Do you think Liu Bei is a good character in the ruler position? Whenever I am the ruler, I never choose him because I find it hard to trust any of the other players. The last thing I would want to do is give cards to somebody who is eventually going to try to kill me! Also, if he ends up going 1 on 1 with a defector or rebel, his card giving power is practically useless. I usually find him to be more useful as a loyalist or one of the vanguards in 3 vs 3.

    1. I think Liu Bei is good but not best as ruler's position. The character can give away the 2 cards obtained in the drawing phase to his teammates and use "rouse" to attack his enemies. As a defector or rebel, he can not attack someone and Benevolence 2 cards in one round.
      I read the statistics of 6,000 games from a Chinese website, win rate of Liubei as Ruler: 42.1%(Rank 5), Sun Quan:42.1%(Rank 4), Guo Jia: 48.5%(Rank 1), Diao Chan: 44.1%(Rank 2)

  6. I think he can make a good Ruler character simply because he can stay alive by giving cards. But the condition is that he still has Loyalist to give cards to, or he is really handicapped.

  7. Just to clarify - you wrote that "If the total number of cards given away is 2 or more, the player regains 1 unit of health."
    "The player" in this context refers to Liu Bei himself right? Not the player who received the cards?

  8. Can Liu Bei use his Benevolence ability multiple times in a turn to gain multiple units of health?
    If he gives away 6 cards in one turn, is he able to regain 3 units of health or is it limited to 1 unit of health?

  9. No, it is still limited to 1 health.

  10. hi princemousey, i have something to clarify about liu bei regarding wine attack.

    let's say i'm using liu bei as ruler. can i drink wine and use "rouse" to ask another shu general to attack a valid target on my behalf to cause 2 damage?

    i'm thinking the answer should be yes, since the attack properties are derived from liu bei, including the drunkard status.


  11. Yes, hon. Your reasoning is correct!

  12. Can Liu Bei ask a Shu Character to use a 'Sha' for him when he needs to use a 'Sha' card to fend off the 'Attack of the Southern Barbarians'?

  13. We had a funny situation where we found that Liu Bei's Benevolence was countering Zhuge Liang the Defector's Empty City. Sometimes doing the benevolent thing really is the death sentence...

  14. To Anonymous(August 12),
    Yes, Liu Bei can ask character from same country when he needs "attack" not only to kill someone.

  15. @Anonymous Aug 22 - Liu Bei, the perfect defector when Zhe Ge Liang is the Zhu Gong! ;) used him once and won.

  16. What will happen to the player if he reject liu bei order to attack?

  17. absolutely nothing. Which makes it pointless to ask a rebel to attack. But this can be very useful if you know who is the Loyalist or Spy.

  18. so if zhang fei is around or when a shu character has the crossbow, does this mean that liu bei can use zhang fei or the character with crossbow to sha multiple times?

  19. Actually No, The KILL Liu Bei asked for is considered used by Liu Bei. As a result regardless of what character you ask to use the KILL, that character cannot add there own effects to the KILL. So the only way for Liu Bei to use more than 1 KILL is for Liu Bei to have the Crossbow (or Green dragon crescent blade) equipped. Zhang Fei's ability states Zhang Fei can use as many kills as he wishes, so because the KILL Liu Bei asked for is not used by Zhang Fei it can only be asked for once. Also as another example, Ma Chao cannot perform his judgment to make his KILLs non-dodgable as the KILL is not used by Ma Chao.

  20. Oh, one point to add is that, regarding Benevolence, he recover one point of health in his turn even he gives 2 or more cards to others more than once. In this case, he would recover one point of health the moment he contributed 2 or more cards in that round.

  21. Do continue this discussion in the SGS Forum at

    Comment thread closed.

  22. I think Liu Bei is best in 3 VS 3 contest, especially when coupled with Hua Tuo, Zhangfei, Huang Yue Ying or Huanggai.

    eg: You have this combination:
    Huang Gai + Hua Tuo + Liu Bei.

    Liu Bei should act first, give all his red cards to Hua Tuo, and his Black Cards to Hua Gai. Then Huang Gau should act next and uses his special ability to gain a stack load of cards and have Hua Tuo to save him from suicide as many times as necessary. Now hopefully Huang Gau would gain a Chu Kou Nu card and a large number of "attack" cards, then kill the 3 opposing enemies.

  23. Hey guys , the characters SP2013 will come out. There are 11 new heroes. Can anyone tell about their abilities? Here the website and the picture of thems. Really excited and wondered what their ability ><

    The website :

  24. Can you also add tierlist rankings for other heroes? Not just for Liu Bei? I want to know which character is good with which role. Thanks

    1. You can see the tierlists here:


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