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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

KW Characters

Posted by Ricky Chua On 6:50 PM 12 comments

Shu Characters 蜀将

Wei Characters 魏将

Wu Characters 吴将

Heroes 群雄


  1. What is synergistic characters? What additional bonus is there?

  2. Synergistic Characters are like good partners. The character who had synergistic partner got other people names on top right of the ability.
    For example: You got 7 characters while playing Kingdom Wars.
    The characters you got : Huang Yue Ying, Elder Zhugeliang, Cao Cao , Dian Wei , Diao Chan , Lu Bu, and Kong Rong.
    The characters you can used is like
    A. Huang Yue Ying & Elder Zhugeliang (SHU) Wife and Husband .
    B. Cao Cao & Dian Wei (WEI) Cao Cao 's Loyal Bodyguard
    C. Diao Chan & Lu Bu (Heroes) Wife and Husband .
    D.Lu Bu and Kong Rong (Heroes)
    E. Diao Chan & Kong Rong (Heroes)
    So, A , B and C are synergistic partners if you used one of them. However, D and E are not synergystic partners because their names are not written on the top right of the ability.

    For the bonus, once you opened both characters, you can immediately either choose to heal 1 hp OR draw 2 cards for synergistic partners. If you're not synergistic partners, you cannot get the bonuses above. If you got extra 0.5 hp, once you opened both characters, you can only draw 1 extra card.

    If you want to know furthermore about list of synergistic partners, here the list.

    Liu Bei + Gan Fu Ren ( Couple )
    Liu Shan + Zhao Yun ( Liu Shan rescued by Zhao Yun through Hardship )
    Liu Bei + Zhang Fei (Sworn Brother)
    Liu Bei + Guan Yu (Sworn Brother)
    Pang Tong + Younger Zhugeliang ("Dragon-Phoenix" Combination, Good Friend)
    Younger and Elder Zhugeliang + Huang Yue Ying ( Couple )
    Meng Huo + Zhu Rong ( Couple )
    Huang Zhong + Wei Yan ( Colleague Partners ) Cool~~ xD

    Cao Cao + Xu Chu OR Dian Wei ( Loyal Bodyguards )
    Cao Pi + Zhen Ji ( Couple )
    Xiahou Dun + Xiahou Yuan ( Cousins )

    Da Qiao + Xiao Qiao ( Sisters )
    Xiao Qiao + Zhou Yu ( Couple )
    Sun Quan + Zhou Tai ( Sun Quan Rescued by Zhou Tai)
    Zhou Yu + Huang Gai ( the one who planned Trojan Flesh )

    Lu Bu + Diao Chan ( Couple )
    Yang Liang & Wen Chou + Yuan Shao ( Lord & Most Trusted Generals )

    That's all ~~ xD enjoy ~~ very Fun to play~~~ <3

    1. Huang Zhong + Wei Yan aren't real colleague partners. Huang Zhong was tasked by Zhuge Liang to stick to Wei Yan and keep track of his movements as Wei Yan, while being a formidable warrior, isn't the most trustworthy or loyal individual. Huang Zhong's instructions were to kill Wei Yan should he ever turn against Shu and that was what happened.

    2. Well, that might be true. Anyway, they are still synergistic partner in the game.

  3. I play at school, but we don't have the official 国战 deck, so we play with the original deck with all expansions except OKF 2012. However, I have noticed that it is quite unbalanced. Is there any way to even it out?

  4. What kind of unbalance are we talking about?

    1. Well, there are an uneven number of characters from each country, and there is no zhijizhibi, etc.

    2. Why don't you just use the set of characters that's actually in KW, and apply the rules from the KW chars. E.g., sun quan can only change a limited number of cards, liu bei gets health after giving away 3 or more cards (you might want to leave this one out for balance though), etc. You'll need to add some extra Hero characters, but I think adding gao shun or yuan shu won't make the game unbalanced (just don't add dong zhuo :D).

  5. Is this blog still working ?

  6. Hi, do you know where I can find the translations of the expansion packs for Kingdom Wars?

  7. when will we have update on KW list? there are
    Yu ji, Zuo Ci, Li Jue & Gou Si, Zhang Ren, Dong Zhou, Zou Ji(Zhang Xiu Aunt),
    Mi Fu Ren, Jiang Wan & Fei Yi, Jiang Wei, Ma Su, Ma Dai, Shamoke,
    Sun Ce, Ling Tong, Chen Wu & Dong Xi, Lu Fan, Jiang Qin, Xu Sheng,
    Zang Ba, Li Dian, Xun You, Bian Fu Ren, Cao Hong, Deng Ai
    already. After those expansion, it's much more fun to play KW than normal SGS, the complexity and play style get much more different while balanced between characters and each Alliance

  8. It would be awesome to see an update to this site -- there are so many new characters added to the game!


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