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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ren Wang Shield 仁王盾 (rén wáng dùn)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 10:51 AM 24 comments
I'll be honest. At first glance, the picture of the REN WANG SHIELD looks more like some kinky tube swimsuit. Till today, I still don't think it looks like a shield. The REN WANG SHIELD is another very useful armour to have that would frustrate your opponents endlessly. It has its weaknesses, especially against characters that can use other cards to replace ATTACK 杀, such as Guan Yu 关羽 and Zhao Yun 赵云.

What it does:
All "black suited" ATTACK cards have no effect on you. This also encompasses cards that substitute for the ATTACK card, such as when "Serpent Halberd 丈八蛇矛" is equipped and any 2 cards are used as ATTACK.

How to use it:
Put on the damn swimsuit and parade around a bit, then place it in your equipped items area.

Like the SILVER LION HELMET 白银狮子, the REN WANG SHIELD is probably unrelated to Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The words 仁王 (rén wáng) probably stems from the buddhist sutra 仁王经. If you are interested, you can read the Chinese description of the sutra here. How the shield came about, i have no idea. If you do know, please drop me a comment and share!


  1. I don't know if this is getting too technical, but let's say someone has the Serpent Halberd and he uses one black card and one red card to substitute as an attack against a target player that has the Ren Wang Shield Equipped. Does the attack work?

    1. The attack goes through, as the attack will be treated as colorless.

  2. Hey dude, glad to answer your technical questions! No it doesn't work. Both the cards have to be red for it to work!

  3. If Yu Ji verbalise an ATTACK and the oponent has a REN WANG SHIELD, does he have to verbalise the suit of the card as well since black ATTACK cards cannot work against it? Or does Yu Ji simply have to verbalise it as an ATTACK?

  4. I would like to do a correction here.
    the Serpent Halberd's "kill", if substituted by a black card and a red card, it will have no suite, that means when you are using the Serpent Halberd and he uses one black card and one red card to substitute as an attack against a target player that has the Ren Wang Shield Equipped, this kill is effective and the target must do the normal "kill" process.
    Addition: the Serpent Halberd's "kill", if substituted by two black cards, it will be seen as black suited. if subsituted by two red ones, it will be seen as red suited.

  5. "If Yu Ji verbalise an ATTACK and the oponent has a REN WANG SHIELD, does he have to verbalise the suit of the card as well since black ATTACK cards cannot work against it? Or does Yu Ji simply have to verbalise it as an ATTACK?"

    >> Yu Ji does not have to verbalize the colour. He can just use as ATTACK. It means to say the ATTACK card can pass straight through this shield since the authenticity of the card need not be suit-specific. Note that Element must be specified though.

  6. zyt33: Actually there is another discussion now that says all ATTACKS using Serpent Halberd has no suit and colour. Which means to say even 2 black cards can be used to penetrate this shield. The logic is the Serpent Halberd attack is an ability, just like Xia Hou Yuan's "Godspeed 神速", thus it is no suit/colour.

    So, it's still a question mark and better left to house rules... -_-"

  7. Ricky: Thanks for the comment.
    I recently went to the Official Forum of SGS and find out that my explaination was right.
    here is the link for the FAQ if you read chinese you could check it out.

  8. Thanks for the link. I feel that all these "correct answers" are usually contributions by players. Unless there is unanimous agreement across a majority of sites, I would still recommend house rules.

    In the case of this card, there are numerous disagreements and mechanisms as we have already seen. Together with "Iron Shackles", this card falls under dictated house rules. I treat the "correct" mechanism as merely an academic solution.

  9. Nah. According to the official Chinese version FAQ, the coloring of an ATTACK from Serpent Halberd is determined like this: If BOTH are black, it is a black ATTACK; If BOTH are red, it is a red ATTACK. If one black and one red, it is plain(no color).

    Any ATTACKS from Yu Ji or Xia Hou Yuan's skills are considered as plain also.

  10. Thanks for the confirmation! I'll add this into the post for Serpent Halberd.

  11. The serpent halberd is used the same way as yu ji
    's and xiahou yuan's ability, it's their special ability, and in nowhere in the rules does it state that suit matters for any of these characters or weapon.

  12. Suits are irrelevant in special abilities unless otherwise stated. If Yu Ji's cards are suitless, then the serpent halberd is suitless. The online version you can still use 2 black suited cards to attack somebody equipped with this shield.

  13. So... the online version allows 2 black cards to still attack someone with Ren Wang Shield, but does the attack land? Or is it just wasted?

  14. I think it go to waste as 对你无效 means ineffective, but it does not mean 不能成为目标 (cannot be the target of). So you can use black attack on the shield but it is ineffective and the target need not dodge.

    This logic is the same when 徐庶 use "harvest", the card "harvest" is targeted at everybody in the game but renders ineffective on everyone except on 徐庶 himself. So 徐庶 flips X cards (X being the number of player in game), pick one for himself and discards the rest. The other players do not benefit from "harvest"

    Another question, what if a player who is equipped with the Ren Wang Shield (or 于
    禁) duel player A, does it mean that player A cannot use black attack cards in the duel?

  15. For your Duel question, the damage is caused by the duel, not the black attack, so it should hit.

    I would house-rule it that special abilities have no colour, so the Serpent halberd goes through. But I would like to know how the online game handles this as well.

  16. When the gender swords are used against the shield, a black attack still causes the draw/discard effect. So the attacks do not do nothing, the target still does not need to gaurd however.

  17. For the SERPANT HALBERD problem, if you convert two red cards, the ATTACK is black. If you convert one black card and one red card, the ATTACK is 'colourless'(neither black nor red). So SERPANT HALBERD is a good weapon against this shield.

    Trivia:仁王 is the alternative name of 金剛力士, the two guardians of Buddha. This is the creation of YOKAGAMES, but not a historical weapon. It can be translated to GUARDIAN SHIELD for easy recognization.

  18. What if you equip this shield and was attacked by a black fire dmg "kill" card while being shackled with another player. Does the dmg get negated entirely and the shackles are off? Or does the dmg get transmitted to the other player but you negate the dmg?

  19. Hi,

    I've been introducing this game to a group and we are having trouble trying to resolve it against Duress. Let says Player A has Ren Wang Shield equipped. Player B uses uses Duress on Player C targeting Player A. Now Player C does not want to lose his weapon so he wants to attack but he only has a black attack card. The question is can Player C play this black attack card on Player A to resolve Duress's attack and keep his weapon or does this count that he can't strike Player A because of the Ren Wang Shield?

    The group was split in opinion on which was right? I believe that Player A can because this card does not prevent a player from playing an Attack but only ignores the black Attack effect. Is this correct?

    1. The correct answer is this:

      Player C can play his black attack card. He gets to keep his weapon. The ATTACK card does nothing due to the Shield.

      Player B can continue his turn after the resolving of Duress is finished.

    2. Ah yeah, that was what I was trying to say. Thanks for the clarification!

    3. Any time! Glad to be of assistance!

  20. Just a thought... Could the Ren Wang Shield be talking about Cao Ren? The shield seems like it matches his armour...

    Would definitely complement the highly defensive nature of this general's character :)


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