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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hallelujah!! You would seldom see anyone be unhappy to get this card. DRAW2 is one of those cards that gives you a benefit without any side effects (such as HARVEST since others get cards too). Besides, very rarely do players NOT want cards. Even if they were using Elder Zhu Ge Liang 暮年诸葛亮 and planning to use the "Empty City 空城" ability, it is always prudent to draw more cards first to hurl some damage at opponents.

What it does:
DRAW2 allows the user to draw another 2 cards from the deck. Duh.

How to use it:
Toss it on the table. Grab 2 cards from the deck. How hard can it be?!

The actual meaning and the literal translation of 无中生有 is "to have something borne out of nothing". Unlike most other chinese phrases, 无中生有 has no deeper meaning. It can be used to describe a magic trick such as pulling a rabbit out of a hat. It can also mean a sudden storm appearing amidst a sunny day. This phrase is unrelated to Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It is said to be referenced from the philosopher Lao Zi 老子 from the 6th century BC. Read more about Lao Zi on Wikipedia!


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