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Friday, July 16, 2010

The "world" is suddenly overrun by barbarians who appeared from the South! The literal translation of 南蛮入侵 is "under siege from the southern barbarians". The barbarians don't give two hoots about taking sides, they simply slaughter everyone. Every player needs to use an ATTACK card to fend them off or suffer 1 unit of health damage.

What it does:
Delivers 1 unit of health damage to every player (except the user) unless they use an ATTACK card.

How to use it:
Toss the BARBARIANS card into the discard pile. Grimace sadistically as most players whine. Note that it is recommended for players to use their ATTACK cards consecutively one after another, starting from the player on the user's right. This is also the way the San Guo Sha 三国杀 Online game works when BARBARIANS is used (other players are restricted from using ATTACK card until it's their "turn" to do so).

Historical basis:
After the death of Liu Bei 刘备 and Cao Cao 曹操, Cao Pi 曹丕 (Cao Cao's son) induced the barbarian forces in the South to invade Liu Bei's kingdom of Shu Han 蜀汉. The barbarians were led by their leader Meng Huo 孟获. Though Meng Huo was a skilled warrior and leader, he was no match for the strategy and mindgames of Zhu Ge Liang 诸葛亮, who captured him seven times! More astonishing was the fact that Zhu Ge Liang released Meng Huo seven times, knowing that to truly quell the rebellion in the south he needed the southerners to respect and admire the Kingdom of Shu Han. Read more about Meng Huo 孟获 and the Southern Barbarians on Wikipedia!

Incidentally, the southern barbarians were the people who invented the RATTAN ARMOR 藤甲.


  1. Player A (Rebel)
    Player B (Ruler)
    Player C (Defector)
    A and B both have 1 life left.
    Player C who is after player B plays a Barbarian card.
    Player B & C chooses not to save Player A, so Player A dies.
    Does Player C gets to draw 3 cards and is he allowed to use the cards (e.g. Peach or Negate) to save Player B who is the Ruler?

  2. Whoever kills a rebel gets 3 cards. The resolution of the damage, delt or not to the ruler will be made after the reward cards have been sent to the greedy killer. So, once the reward received, it will be time for a negate phase, anybody will be able to play a negate card, including player C with his 3 fresh cards. If ever the ruler faints, it will be possible for player C to give him a peach in order to revive him.

  3. Can you play a Barbarian card, then an "Arrow Rain" Card, then a duel card, and then a normal ATTACK card or is this too many attacks? *I understand you can only attack once but this still counts as only one attack if you play only one ATTACK card right?

  4. "I understand you can only attack once.."

    This is wrong. You can only play one ATTACK card a turn.

    The rest of the cards, as much as you want. That means, "Can you play a Barbarian card, then an "Arrow Rain" Card, then a duel card, and then a normal ATTACK card..?"


    Glad to help if you need further clarification!

  5. Please be more accurate in your description. There is a difference between a card "played" and a card "used" (and to get technical a card "discarded"). An ATTACK is "used" when you play it against another person as the assault and they need a DODGE to respond. ATTACK cards are "played" by everyone when BARBARIANS is "used". Also ATTACK's during a DUEL are "played", they are not "used". The only restriction is that you can "use" 1 ATTACK card during your turn. Previously the comment above says "You can only play one ATTACK card a turn", but this IS NOT CORRECT. You can only "use" one ATTACK card per turn. You can "play" as many as you need to.

  6. So when a player use 'Barbarians' every other player must 'USE' or 'PLAY' a ATTACK card to attack someone? or just discard 1 attack card? Sorry was abit confused with the word used. Can anyone enlighten me? Thank you!

  7. when a player USES Barbarians then every other player must PLAY a ATTACK card or suffer damage.

  8. What is the picture of?

    1. Getting stepped on by a giant elephant.


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