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Friday, July 16, 2010

Duel 决斗 (jué dòu)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 2:50 PM 13 comments
Mano-a-mano. Grunt and spit as two characters prepare to do battle one-on-one. Who can outlast the other? That depends on how well you judged the capability of your opponent. True to the meaning, there is a very possible likelihood of causing yourself damage if you take on someone much more able. Got the balls?

What it does:
1 unit of health damage to the loser of DUEL. A useful side-effect of DUEL is it usually wipes out all the ATTACK 杀 cards of one (if not both) of the players involved in DUEL.

How to use it:
“Me. You. Outside. Right now." Pick any target player (not limited by range) to challenge to DUEL, then toss the DUEL card into the discard pile. The target player has to use an ATTACK card, after which you have to use an ATTACK card as well. The first player to not use an ATTACK card receives 1 unit of health damage.

If the target player does not have a single ATTACK card to begin with, or chooses not to use any, he or she immediately receives 1 unit of health damage. In that way, the advantage is tilted in favor of the user.

Historical basis:
There seems to be some strange ritual to battles in the era of the Three Kingdoms. Heck, I think this ritual exists in Western medieval history as well. In the depiction of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, when two armies meet on the battle-field, the two sides exchange curses and insults before sending out a general each. These two generals then duel feverishly as both armies bring out the popcorn and enjoy the show. Sometimes, other generals rush out to join the duel and the fight turns into an orgy. By playing on tactical morale, leaders then decide when to launch the main force, then all hell breaks loose.

It was a lot more fun back then wasn't it? Nowadays we fight wars sitting behind a computer by pressing a single red button with the words "Nuclear Warhead Launch" written on it. Ho-hum.


  1. So it's safe to say that all the armor along with its effects are rendered useless during this state of duel?

  2. Can i use this card multiple times during one turn?

  3. You can use multiple copies of this card during your turn.

  4. if the last attack card use is elemental attack. and the loser is linked by chain, will it cost him/her double damage?

  5. ^No. Elemental damage is not dealt in a duel.

  6. Just to clarify, the damage is actually caused by the DUEL and not the ATTACK, which is why none of the properties of the ATTACK card are used, and anything which affects ATTACKs (including weapons) do not affect the DUEL.

  7. Can the abilities of Guan Yu, Zhao Yun and Serpent Halbard be used to create additional ATTACK cards if the user runs out of ATTACK cards during a DUEL?

  8. Yes. On each card there is a very distinct difference between how you utilize that card. For a DUEL you must "play" KILL cards, you do not "use" them. Guan Yu's ability states that you can choose any red cards to be "played" or "used" as a KILL. Similarly Zhao Yun's ability states that you can choose any DODGE cards to be "played" or "used" as a KILL, and vice versa. Then finally the SERPENT Halbard states you can select any to cards to be "used" as, or to be "played" as a KILL.

  9. Some clarification needed: If the initiator of the DUEL loses the duel, would the damage be considered done by himself (to himself) or by the opposing player?

    For instance, suppose if Xia Hou Dun initiates DUEL with another person, but loses it, can he activate "An Eye for an Eye" on the other person (assuming the damage is dealt by the other player in this circumstance)?

  10. ^The damage is caused by the winning player. Yes, Xia Hou Dun or Si MA Yi or any other players related to damage ability can be activated. -.-

  11. Can you use duel on players with no cards in their hand?

    1. yup. they take 1 point of damage unless their team mates negates the duel.


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