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Monday, July 26, 2010

A funny looking helmet with a funny sounding name. The SILVER LION HELMET is a damage limiter, which is great when there are high-damage elements in play such as LIGHTNING 闪电. Otherwise, it does not really protect you in anyway when damages inflicted are only 1 unit. To make up for that, the game makers decided to allow this thing to heal you when it is removed. Don't ask me why, I'm not one of the game makers!

What it does:
Limits all damage received to only 1 unit of damage. Heals 1 unit of health when this is un-equipped. This can happen when you choose to equip another armour or it is the subject of DISMANTLE 过河拆桥 or STEAL 顺手牵羊.

How to use it:
Grab a silver bucket. Flip it upside down. Draw a lion face on the bucket. Put it over your head. Otherwise, just place the damn card in your equipped-items area.

The SILVER LION HELMET does not seem to be associated with the Romance of Three Kingdoms story in any way. Probably an addition that would be useful to have in the game maker's opinion, but they realized there really is very little mention of any special armour in the story. Indeed if you browse through all the armour provided in this game, only one of them is really an armament in the story, and that is RATTAN ARMOUR 藤甲. They other one which has a relation to the story but is not actually an armour is EIGHT TRIGRAMS 八卦阵.


  1. can i purposely discard this card (or any other equipment during my turn in other case) to gain one life?

  2. I am not very sure what you are trying to ask, but you cannot voluntarily discard any cards. Does that answer your question?

  3. Yes, thanks.

    Next question: can you retrieve whatever weapon/equipements you already had on the field back to your hand during your turn?

  4. No, you can not retrieve your equipment. If you put a new one, the old one gets discarded.

  5. When you die, you would lose all your cards. If you have 白银狮子 as armor, could you regain one unit of health?

  6. ^ To the above anonymous - No - when you die, you are dead and cannot be healed.

  7. I think this helmet might be related to Ma Chao
    It doesn't seem to have much relation to Ma Chao in term of its use, but a common explanation online is for Ma Chao to survive his epic duel with Xu Chu, to defend against Xu Chu's Bare-Chested

  8. Hi, can I ask if I equip this armour, and I have already taken 1 damage from Zhang Fei when he used 杀 on me, do I take another one unit of damage if he uses another 杀 ?

  9. Yes. The armor only reduces the damage taken from a single assault to one. Each attack is it's own assault. So someone can attack multiple times, use BLAZE, then BARBARIANS, RAINING ARROWS... and they all effect you. It's just when you suffer a WINE ATTACK or get struck by lighting (or others) that you only take 1 damage.


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