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Friday, July 16, 2010

Fancy that beautiful RATTAN AMOUR 藤甲 equipped by your neighbouring player? Wish you had that GREEN DRAGON CRESCENT BLADE 青龙偃月刀 for yourself? Now you can! With STEAL, any card from an adjacent player (physical distance 1) can be yours!

What it does:
Allows the user to pick 1 card (either on-hand or equipped) from a player at physical distance 1 from you. The stolen card is added to your cards on-hand or can be equipped immediately. This is also one of the only 2 ways to remove LIGHTNING 闪电 from the playing field.

How to use it:
Grow green with envy. Contemplate committing a sin. Use STEAL card. Proceed to hell. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

Historical basis:
At the height of the rivalry between the three kingdoms, the strategist Zhou Yu 周瑜 of the kingdom of Sun Wu 孙吴 launched a huge attack on the city of Nan Jun 南郡. General Cao Ren 曹仁 of the kingdom of Cao Wei 曹魏was tasked to defend Nan Jun. He deceived Zhou Yu by faking a full-scale retreat, but secretly leaving at ambush behind. During the ambush, Zhou Yu was shot by an arrow and the attack on Nan Jun was aborted. Not to be outdone, Zhou Yu counter-deceived Cao Ren into thinking he died from the arrow wound. Thus, Cao Ren let his guard down and haughtily launched an attack on Zhou Yu's base camp, only to realize he was tricked!

By this time Cao Ren has suffered massive losses and decided he did not have enough troops to defend Nan Jun. Zhou Yu, on the other hand, thought he could easily march into Nan Jun and take over. Alas he was shocked to find that Zhu Ge Liang 诸葛亮 had capitalized on the chaos and stolen the poorly defended Nan Jun from right under both Zhou Yu 周瑜 and Cao Ren's noses! So infuriated was Zhou Yu that he vomited blood, fell off his horse and fainted. Days later, Zhou Yu died. Thus was the infamous end of Zhou Yu, death by frustration in the hands of Zhu Ge Liang.


  1. I played the web version of the game (1v1), Shun Shou Qian Yang cannot be used on someone when he has a +1 horse. What do you think?

  2. It is a matter of physical range. The requirement for this card to work is the target must be within physical range of 1 (not attacking range). If your neighbour has +1 horse, you need to have a -1 horse to be able to steal from him.

    For more info on physical and attacking range, please read Game rules Part 3.

  3. When stealing from hand, do you see their hand and choose that way?

  4. No. The victim will not reveal their hand to you, but will only show the back of his cards.

    Thus you will not know which card you are stealing until it is in your hand.

  5. Hi, If I have a +1 horse, can I use this card against someone that is of distance 2 from me?

    Me -> B -> C
    Can I steal from player C if I have a +1 horse?

    1. In that case, you need a -1 horse instead of a +1. With -1 horse, your distance between B and C is both 1, thus you can STEAL from C if he doesn't have +1 horse.

    2. Think like this. The card states you must be within a physical distance of 1. First ignoring any cards you or your target may have equipped, count the distance between you and your target. Then subtract 1 form that distance if you have a -1 horse equipped and/or add 1 if your target has a +1 horse equipped to that distance. For example: If there is one player between you and your target, then your target is naturally a distance of 2 away. If you have a -1 horse equipped you are then considered to be at a distance of 1 and now can use Steal. If you have the -1 horse and at the same time your target has a +1 horse then your distance is still 2 (2-1+1=2). So you can see that the -1 horse is for offense, while the +1 horse is for defense.


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