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Monday, July 12, 2010

Game Rules Part 5: Points Duel

Posted by Ricky Chua On 8:49 PM 13 comments
Welcome to Part 5. In the expansion packs for characters, a new action term is introduced by the game-makers known as "Points Duel 拼点" (previously translated as "Matching scores". This is a minor component of the game but important to grasp. It also has a very useful side-effect of "Forced DISMANTLE 强硬过河拆桥". For terminology, I shall refer to the player initiating the Points Duel as the "initiator".

Let's get started!

When is "Points Duel" used?
Only very few characters can use Points Duel. Currently, the Fire Expansion Pack characters Xun Yu 荀彧 and Tai Shi Ci 太史慈 require Points Duel to carry out their character abilities. As more expansion packs are released, there could be more characters to add to this list. The latest addition to this would be Zhu Rong 祝融 from the Woods Expansion Pack 林包.

Do drop me a comment if you know of other characters that need Points Duel. Thank you!

How is "Points Duel" conducted?
First, the character using the ability declares who he wants to duel points with. Points Duel has no range limitations, thus every player is susceptible. Next, both the players that are dueling points will select one on-hand card and place it face down on the table. When both players are ready, both these cards will be flipped over at the same time.

What determines the winner of "Points Duel"?
The numerical digit on the upper left corner of the playing card. The player with the larger number wins.

Is "Ace" considered the largest value or the smallest value?
Unfortunately, "Ace" is the smallest value and "King" is the largest value. This is where it is slightly different from Poker numbering.

What happens when the 2 duel cards have the same number value?
If the same numerical value appears on both cards, the initiator of the duel is considered to have "lost" the duel. Suits such as diamonds, hearts, etc do not matter.

What happens when the initiator wins or loses the Points Duel?
Every ability has different rewards and punishments for the duel. Please refer to my write-ups of these characters for more details.

What happens to the 2 duel cards after the Points Duel is over?
Both cards are discarded into the discard deck. Players cannot retrieve back the cards into their hands. Thus the Points Duel also has the effect of DISMANTLE.

Can a player refuse to engage in Points Duel with the initiator?
No! When the initiator names a player to duel with, that player MUST go through with the duel. It cannot be negated using NEGATE 无懈可击. This is where Points Duel has the element of "Forced DISMANTLE".

Can the initiator conduct Points Duel with a player with no cards on hand?
No. Only players with on-hand cards can be subject to Points Duel.

That's it for now! Do add to this list of questions by leaving me a comment. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hey, You forgot to put Zhù Róng 祝融 who can Point duel after she successfully lands an ATTACK she can point duel to attempt to steal one card.

  2. Yes that's right!! Thanks for that info. I'll update it accordingly.

  3. Hiya, just a note that there's no link from this page to the next section of the walkthrough.

  4. Hey thanks for reminding me! I've added it in!

  5. What is the pinyin pronunciation of the translation of "points duel?"

    Also, would it really change the balance and probabilities of the game so much simply to count the "Ace" card as the highest value, so as to avoid confusion? What does the value of the face card really matter as long as the probability is the same?

  6. Pin Dian. What's confusing to you may be simple to someone else and vice versa. I am not sure if there is any relation between the suit value and face card.

  7. I think it is observably, objectively simpler not to change the common card game conventions that everyone is used to, if it doesn't effect the game in anyway real way.

  8. Not everyone plays with Aces high.. Anyway, just play whatever style you want. It's your game after all.

  9. "Points Duel" = pīn diǎn with intonation marks.

    For using Ace as the highest point, there are some things you have to take note:

    1. In terms of "tool cards", the Aces and Kings are both rather useful. So not much disparity there.

    2. However with Equipment cards, there is a difference. Many of the Kings are horses, while many of the Aces are weapons.

    So do bear in mind that when you shift the highest pointer from King to Ace, you could be shifting the advantage towards the characters that do not value weapons.

    For example, if I was Zhang Jiao and i choose to be passive, putting Ace as highest benefits me because my weapons would be less useful.

    Strictly speaking, this has the biggest impact on the characters that can carry out points duel: Tai Shi Ci, Xun Yu and Zhu Rong.

    When Ace is highest, Tai Shi Ci will be smiling all the way because weapons are useless to him as long as he wins the points duel. As for Xu Yu and Zhu Rong, they prefer to equip their weapons because they need that range to use their abilities more effectively.

  10. Gao Shun 高顺 is a new hero which requires Points Duel.

  11. xun yu is the man :D

  12. Don't say someone 'lose' in the dual as the game/skill description only states if you 'win' or 'didn't win' instead.

    1. Yes, the reason is that this statement is wrong:

      What happens when the 2 duel cards have the same number value?
      If the same numerical value appears on both cards, the initiator of the duel is considered to have "lost" the duel. Suits such as diamonds, hearts, etc do not matter.

      The initiator is not considered to lose. When both cards have the same value, there is no winner.


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