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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Acedia 乐不思蜀 (lè bù sī shǔ)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 6:12 PM 21 comments
If you read "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", you would know very clearly which historical figure is guilty of acedia (neglecting to take care of something that one should do). I am referring, of course, to Liu Shan 刘禅, son of Liu Bei 刘备, the wimpy ruler of the Kingdom of Shu 蜀国 in the dying days of the Three Kingdoms era. The game-makers ingenuously simulated the consequences of acedia with this ACEDIA card. When you fall victim to ACEDIA, remember to sing, dance and smile gleefully like you were high on crack.

What it does:
The ACEDIA card causes the target player to be unable to take any action during his turn. At the "judgement phase" of the target player's turn, if the judgement card is any suit other than "hearts", the target player has failed the judgement. He or she can proceed with the "drawing phase" and draw 2 cards from the deck, but is prohibited from doing anything else. The turn immediately proceeds to the "discard phase" where the target player will have to discard as many cards as necessary.

How to use it:
Unlike RATIONS DEPLETED 兵粮寸断, ACEDIA is not limited by "physical range". You can use this card on any player during your turn. Simply place the ACEDIA card in front of the equipped item cards of the target player. The card only takes effect during the target player's turn.

Historical Basis:
In the closing decades of the Three Kingdom era, Liu Shan became the emperor of the Kingdom of Shu Han. His incompetence led to the collapse of Shu Han and he ultimately surrendered to Si Ma Zhao 司马昭. Years later, as a powerless figurehead Duke in soft-captivity, a banquet was thrown by Si Ma Zhao where Liu Shan said "I enjoy it here and I do not think of Shu at all." Liu Shan is thus commonly remembered throughout history as an incompetent ruler who only knows enjoyment. Read more about Liu Shan and 乐不思蜀 here.


  1. Hey quick question about this card. If it's used on lu meng, whose ability is that he does not have to play the discard phase if he doesn't use an attack card, does he have to proceed to the discard phase if he fails judgement?

    Thanks for the hard work!

  2. Actually to make it easier, if a character is under the effects of this card, can they still use their abilities?

  3. Hi Ryan, thanks for the question.

    Using ACEDIA on Lu Meng is as good as useless. Lu Meng does not have to discard any cards if he fails judgement for ACEDIA since he did not use ATTACK. Therefore Lu Meng just draws 2 cards, does not have to discard.

    To answer your second question, it all depends on their ability. If their ability is valid only during the action phase (for example attack-related like Guan Yu), then the answer is NO he cannot use his ability. On the other hand, if the ability can apply outside of the turn (for example Si Ma Yi changing judgement cards), then ACEDIA only affects that player during his action phase. Whatever happens outside of that, ACEDIA has no effect.

    Hope that helped.

  4. Thanks! That helped a lot!

    But just to clarify, does it affect the drawing phase? For example, can Zhen Ji still use her drawing ability if she failed judgement for acedia?

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  5. Ah! Good question! Some characters can use their ability before the drawing phase. Zhen Ji is one of them. She can use Luo Shen 洛神 even before the judgement phase. If she's lucky, Luo Shen will give her a black NEGATE which she can use immediately.

    For further confirmation, play Sanguosha Online and observe the computer sequence. We usually use that as our arbitrator. If the online version does "that", then "that" would be the correct way.

  6. can you dismantle this LE?

  7. You can use dismantle or steal on this card.

  8. Can you stack more than one acedia on any one player?

  9. You cannot have multiple copies of a card in front of a player.

  10. I played with some people at their house. 8 people, but the girl next to me had a Hero (girl) who can turn any black card into the Acedia card, once per round. She chose me to get this card EVERY round, so I was basically, not playing at all, until someone killed her. Any way out of this? It was like 30min+ before I could start using my cards.

  11. Bradley, two things off the top of my head. Firstly, either get lucky or use an ability (could be yours or your allies) to draw a Heart card for the judgement. Secondly, use a NEGATE.

  12. Hi Ricky,

    I would like to ask...

    In a 1 vs 1 situation, can I use a NEGATE card to stop the effect after I failed a judgement for ACEDIA card?

  13. To the other Anonymous - No.

    You must play NEGATE before the tool card goes into effect (in this case, before the judgment card is flipped). This would be analogous to accepting a DUEL, losing the DUEL because you didn't have as many ATTACKS as the challenger, then NEGATING the DUEL at the end to prevent taking damage (this cannot be done). NEGATE is a preventative measure only. I hope this helps.

  14. can I use negate on someone's Acedia that is already on the table? or does it have to be negated immediately when someone throws it down on the table?

  15. ^ Acedia, as with all other time-delay tool cards, can only be negated at the beginning of its victim's turn during their judgement phase.

  16. When exactly do you NEGATE an ACEDIA card? Before it is played, or before the judgement card is flipped? Also, if you negate the judgement card does ACEDIA stay with you until next time or go into the discard pile?

  17. ^before the judgement and it is discarded after being negated

  18. Hi, can I confirm that the effects of the card only lasts for one turn or each time the player has to flip a judgement card to clear the LE?

  19. Confirm that the card is discarded after the judgement is carried out, regardless of whether it is successful or not.

  20. Hi, can you put both an ACEDIA and a RATIONS DEPLETED on the same person? And if this is possible, what would come first for the judgment flip?

    1. yes
      the second one will be the first for the judgment


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