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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Demi-God Lǚ Bù 神吕布

Posted by Ricky Chua On 8:14 PM 15 comments
Translated description:
"The Way of the Asura 修罗之道 (xiū luó zhī dào)"

(Asuras are mythical Demi-Gods in Buddhist mythology that are wrathful, prideful, arrogant, and love to fight. Click here for Asuras Wiki.)

Why is he a Demi-God:
Let's list out a couple adjectives to describe Lu Bu -

1. Arrogant (Striking his halberd with an arrow to win a truce between Yuan Shu 袁术 and Liu Bei 刘备)
2. Wrathful (Killing Dong Zhuo 董卓 over Diao Chan 貂蝉)
3. Loves to fight (1 vs 3 against the sworn-brothers-three)
4. Prideful (Loves to hear compliments and receive gifts that stroke his ego).

... and lastly...

5. Not very bright (no relation to the Asuras)

Notice that the description is quite accurate about him, placing his personality amongst the Asuras. Perhaps that is why he is a Demi-God: because the Asuras are Demi-Gods themselves. Therefore this Demi-God character has nothing to do with his death, but everything to do with his actions while he was alive.

Character ability 1: [Enforced ability] "Violent Rage 狂暴 (kuáng bào)"
At the beginning of the game, you get 2 "Rage 暴怒" tokens. Every 1 unit of damage you cause or suffer, you receive 1 Rage token.

Character ability 2: [Enforced ability] "Simpleton 无谋 (wú móu)"
Every time you use a tool card (with the exception of Time-delay Tool Cards), you must discard 1 Rage token or lose 1 unit of health.

Character ability 3: "Unprecedented 无前 (wú qián)"
During your action phase, you can discard 2 Rage tokens and select 1 target player. For the rest of your turn, the target player's Armour becomes ineffective. In addition, you acquires Lu Bu's "Without Equal 无双" ability.

Character ability 4: "Asura's Fury 神愤 (shén fèn)"
During your action phase, you can discard 6 Rage tokens. Every player (except yourself) will:

(Carried out in order from 1 to 3)
1. Receive 1 unit of damage
2. Discard all equipped cards
3. Discard 4 on-hand cards

After this is done, you must flip your character card. Limited to once per turn.

Ability's relation to story:
Abilities 1, 3 and 4 are created for this character with little to no link to the story. "Simpleton" has some links to the story, but I need not elaborate here as it has been described in my previous post on (normal) Lu Bu.


  1. What does his first ability does ?

    deal damage or recieve damage ?

  2. Oops there's a typo in the first ability.

    "Every 1 unit of damage he causes OR suffers, he receives 1 Rage token."

    The first ability just allows him to build up his supply of tokens for "Asura's Fury".

  3. thank you

    what does he cause mean ?

    if he use barbarian and 4 players got damage
    he got 4 rage token ?

  4. Yup. That is exactly what it means. But there is a trade off; he needs to discard 1 Rage token (or lose 1 unit health) to be able to use BARBARIANS (ability 2: "Simpleton").

  5. thank you very much Ricky Chua

    So his

    Asura's Fury

    if there is other 7 players

    he will recieve 7 rage token back ?

    I understand why he must die first now


  6. Hi Jagon,

    Interesting question. I never thought of Asura's Fury allowing him to take back 7 tokens. I did some checking with the experts, and the answer is YES once he use Asura's Fury, he will get 1 Rage token for every player that is damaged by it.

  7. Does Lu Bu still obtain his "Without Equal" ability, even if he doesn't use "Unprecedented"? Or is "Without Equal" only applicable when he uses "Unprecedented"?

  8. Demi-God Lu Bu does not have the "Without Equal" ability by default. Only the normal Lu Bu has it.

    Therefore "Without Equal" is only applicable when he uses "Unprecedented".

  9. Hi, for ability 4, every player receive 1 dmg, can xiao qiao redirect the dmg?

  10. Yes she can. It is just like any other damage that she can redirect.

  11. Whenever Lu Bu uses a tool card and suffers one damage of health, does he get one rage token because of his first ability?

  12. Unfortunately NO. The reason is in the words used.

    1st ability states he gets a Rage token when he causes (造成)or suffers (受到) damage.

    2nd ability states he will LOSE (失去) 1 unit of health.

    Apparently "suffer damage" and "lose health" are 2 different things. Suffer probably means you are a victim targeted at you. Lose probably refers to an administrative action.

  13. Hi

    do you have a page on how to play the token?

  14. I will be putting up that page soon. It will come under Unofficial cards.

    For Lu Bu's tokens, it is simply a counter for his abilities.


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