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Thursday, September 16, 2010

SGS in Australia: The Perth Mystery

Posted by Ricky Chua On 11:55 PM 6 comments
A big Hello to the readers from Australia! 

Something has been puzzling me since i began tracking readership. Australian readers are the 4th most active in reading this blog (behind USA, Singapore and Canada), and to my surprise, the location of these readers are exclusively from the Eastern half of Australia!

There's Sydney with the highest readership and Melbourne at second... but not a single reader from Perth?!

Isn't that where the highest density of Chinese are in Australia? Maybe they don't know about SGS yet??

Ok i'm just being curious for the sake of being curious. I do hope somebody can enlighten me... if you're bored enough. :)


  1. haha that is pretty funny!

  2. or maybe if they are Chinese they can just read the rules in Chinese and don't need the English Blog! :)

  3. Hi Scott, well i'm chinese myself and i had great difficulty recognizing the chinese characters on the cards! much less the rule book!

    By the way, you're in China and you are able to access this blog? How? Don't they block blogger in China?

  4. There's plenty of ways to hop over the Great Wall.

  5. I m from Perth....i want to play the game....are they any group meet and play this card game on a regular basis?

  6. I'm chinese raised in Brisbane so I have a hard time reading chinese, thanks to this blog I now have a good understanding of this game and play it every day online


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