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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome to the new mini-series on Auxiliary Rules! In this series, there will be a mix of official rules and some unorthodox suggestions. For those of you who are getting sick of the usual game style, here are a few interesting variations to this already very complex game.

So, are you ready? Here we go into Part 1!

Rule Name: "1 VS 1"
Type: Official/Unorthodoxed
Complexity: Simple
Strategic Level: 3 / 5
Fun Level: 3 / 5

"1 VS 1" is a variation to the game where there are only 2 people available - you and some other sad person. Both of you probably have no other friends, but that's okay. You enjoy each other's company and that is all that matters... right?

Ok I admit, I played "1 VS 1" a few times. What was I to do? My hands were itching to play but nobody else was free except my girlfriend. That was how we decided to research online for any rules for 2 players only, and it turns out there is actually an official "1 VS 1" rule provided by Yoka Games.

Right... enough yabbering. Let's dive right in!

The Setup:

*Important! Before the game begins, remove Heaven Scorcher Halberd 方天画戟 and Unicorn Bow 麒麟弓 from the deck.

Every player will need to draw 2 characters - one General and one Vanguard 先锋. The Role cards such as Ruler 主公, Loyalist 忠臣, etc. are not needed. The layout is displayed below in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Characters Layout

The General is equivalent to the Ruler but is NOT permitted to use the Ruler Abilities if he chooses to use a Ruler character. Once the General is dead, that player loses and the game is over.

Choosing the General and Vanguard character is kept very flexible. You can either decide to blindly draw 1 from the deck, name 1 which you prefer, or distribute a number of characters to pick from. It really does not matter since there are only 2 players. As long as both agree, the game will go on!

Distance calculations are as shown below in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Distance Calculations
I hope you understand about range and distances well by now. If not, do read up on the basics of range calculations on Game Rules Part 3.

At some point in the game, a vanguard will probably (but not necessarily) die first. Thus the alterations to distance is shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3: Distance when 1 vanguard dies.
Ok so far things should be pretty easy to digest, yes?

Now for the game play proper. Everything else about the set-up of the game is identical to the normal game, every character gets 4 cards at the beginning.

Decide which player goes first. Again, it's really up to you how you want to decide.

The order to play goes like this as shown in Figure 4 (assuming Beck goes first).

Figure 4: Order of play
Now here are some very important things you must take note of when playing "1 VS 1". I suggest you memorize these by heart!

1. When a Vanguard uses BARBARIANS 南蛮入侵 or RAINING ARROWS 万箭齐发, his or her own General is not affected (has no effect). However when used by a General, the Vanguard will be affected.

2. DURESS 借刀杀人 cannot be used on a character from your own team.

3. Ruler abilities, if any, cannot be used by the General.

4. During the General's turn, the General can choose to give 1 card (either on-hand or equipped) to his Vanguard.

Well, that wraps up this simple post on "1 VS 1" game rules. Look out for my next post on "3 VS 3" tournament-style play!

Till then... have fun and 杀!


  1. Hi there, another fellow SGS player from Sg... just to clarify... because I played 1v1 SGS before too, but I played it according to the so-called official rule from . And when I checked your blog, I noticed that both rules are TOTALLY different. So just like to check with you about this..

  2. Hi ck. Thanks for pointing this out. My 1vs1 post is based on the instructions stated in the game manual.

    After checking with the site, i noticed that they have updated the 1vs1 play to become similar to 3vs3.

    I will update this post accordingly! :)

  3. Ok, since you're updating the rules then this probably doesn't matter.. But, how does the turn order change when a vanguard dies?

  4. The turn order "does not change". Meaning if the turn goes A to B to C to D, and C dies, then it goes from A to B to D.

    1. imo for a better game, I think the ruler should take vanguard's turn when vanguard dies. ie. if A dies, then turn will go C to B to C to D. Otherwise, its extremely difficult for the team with one card left to win.

  5. hey ricky, this seems more like a 2v2 game doesn't it? i read this and tried it out with a friend and we found it confusing to manage two sets of on hand cards. we tried it with 2v2 and the game makes much more sense and was a lot of fun! also the online game seems to have a different 1v1 where you pick 3 characters and order them. each starts with 4 cards, defector starts first and draws one less card than he usually does. when one char dies the next one in your order comes up and immediately draws 4 cards.
    also on the online 1v1, there seems to be an unofficial rule about the 4Js (don't know what it stands for) where you're not allowed to use 4 characters because they're over powered in 1v1. they are the following:
    sun quan, lu meng, hua tuo, and i forgot the last one.. might be wei yan

    1. The 4 unofficially forbidden characters are Sun Quan, Lu Meng, Hua Tuo and Cao Cao. BTW, I have translated the KoF rules...

  6. does the leader get 1 extra life point?


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