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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Demi-God Zhōu Yú 神周瑜

Posted by Ricky Chua On 11:05 PM 20 comments
Translated description:
"The God of Fire at Red Cliffs 赤壁的火神 (chì bì dè huǒ shén)"

Why is he a Demi-God:
People familiar with the Romance of the Three Kingdoms story would know that Zhu Ge Liang 诸葛亮 and Zhou Yu were both instrumental in defeating Cao Cao 曹操 at the Red Cliffs. However the historians that distilled out the "Romance" from the story found that Zhou Yu was the main architect of the victory, while Zhu Ge Liang had far less involvement. Even then, we can already tell in the story that Zhou Yu did a lot of the dirty work in putting the pieces together. These include:

1. Setting up Pang Tong 庞统 to deceive Cao Cao into shackling his ships together.

2. Sending Huang Gai 黄盖 to feint defection in order to set start the fire.

3. Planning for the cut off of Cao Cao's retreat.

Ultimately, Zhou Yu deserves the credit for destroying Cao Cao's entire army and that is why Zhou Yu deserves to be immortalized as a Demi-God!

Character ability 1: "The Sound of Music 琴音 (qín yīn)"
During your discard phase, when you discard 2 or more on-hand cards, you can choose to force all players (including yourself) to regain 1 unit of health or lose 1 unit of health.

Character ability 2: [Single-Use ability] "Searing Heat 业炎 (yè yán)"
During your action phase, you can select 1 to 3 players and distribute a total of 3 units of fire attribute damage between them. If you allocate 2 units or more of damage to any of the players, you need to discard 1 card of each suit (4 cards in total) and lose 3 units of health.

Ability's relation to story: 
Although Zhou Yu is known for his superb skills with the Qin instrument, there does not seem to be any mention of him playing the Qin during the Red Cliffs episode. Thus I believe "The Sound of Music" is just loosely based on his ability to play. "Searing Heat" probably just refers to his fiery achievement in defeating Cao Cao, but there is no reference for his sacrificing his health in the story at this period of time. Therefore this is probably also loosely-based on the story.


  1. is his second ability (as of with every other single-use abilities) only once per game ? or once per turn ?

  2. Single-use abilities only allow the player to use once PER GAME.

  3. For 2nd ability, I understand that if 2 or more fire damage is allocated to a player, Demi-God Zhou Yu has to discard 4 different types of cards and lose 3 life.

    What if he do not have 4 different types of cards, does he still allowed to allocate 2 fire damage to a player or he is only allowed to allocate 3 fire damage equally to 3 players(including himself if only left with 3 players in the game)?

  4. He is not allowed to allocate 2 fire damage if he does not discard the 4 cards with different suits.

    He can choose not to allocate to himself. Total 3 units of fire damage is the max, any less is also allowed.

  5. Came across four female Demi-god characters on the website. Will they be updated here anytime soon? Cant wait...

  6. Yes they will be updated here soon. As far as i know, these female Demi-God characters are UNOFFICIAL.

    It remains to be seen if these Demi-God characters have been leaked from the next Expansion installment (Hills Pack 山包) or whether they have been created "for the fun-of-it" by fans. The discussions seem to point towards these cards being unofficial.

  7. For his 1st ability, can the player choose damage to some and health to others, or must he choose the same option for every player (including himself)?

  8. He must choose one option and apply it to all players.

  9. For his 2nd ability, does Zhou Yu choose the order in which people take damage? Useful in the case of people getting shackled.

    If he chooses to do 3 units of damage to one person, does that person take 1 instance of 3 damage, or 3 instances of 1 damage?

    Can he suicide by using his 2nd ability? I mean does he only lose the 3 hp AFTER the damage has already been dealt to the other player(s)?

  10. 1) I would say he chooses the order of resolution.

    2) 1 instance of 3 fire damage.

    3) He has to first lose the cards and hp before he can assign more than 2 damage to a single target. Actually, I take it that he can suicide (and get revived by peaches), but the damage will still be dealt.

    "Ji Sheng Yu, He Sheng Liang!" - Zhou Yu, before he pukes blood and dies.

  11. if he has 1 health left, and uses his 2nd ability to deal 3 damage, is he now -2 and require 3 wine or 3 peach to be saved?

  12. Should your health drop to negative by any instance, you will have to use more than one beer or peach to resurrect yourself

  13. so if he cannot be saved and dies, does that mean he can no longer deal the 3 total damage to his targeted player?

  14. I take it that if he dies, he does not deal the damage.

  15. Actually, he DOES the damage even if he dies in the process, and the official FAQ proves that.
    The conditions for "greater" Searing Heat are to discard cards and lose HP. There is no indication of Zhou Yu`s dead/alive status. Once he discards 4 differently suited cards and loses 3HP, all the conditions are fulfilled, so the damage will be distributed anyway.

  16. sweet that means when he has 1 health left, he can suicide and cause major damage.

  17. For the first ability, if he has 5 cards and 2 health during the discard phase, can he discard just 2 cards to regain health for everyone so he will be at 3 health and keep the remaining 3 cards on hand?

  18. No, he will have to discard the 3 excess cards first before deciding on whether to gain or lose 1 health for everyone.

  19. If a player is at full health they can technically not gain a health. So does this mean any player at full health must take a damage ? Like they don't even get a choice.

  20. ^Whether everyone to regain 1 unit of health, or loss 1 unit of health is Demi-God Zhou Yu's call. Nothing happen to you when you are at full of health, if DGZY chooses to regain 1 unit of health for everyone. And regarding loss of 1 unit health, it's not considered as damage. Any abilities related to receive damage cannot be activated, and no penalty/reward for that player's dead -.-


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