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Friday, September 3, 2010

Many thanks to the readers of this blog for visiting, commenting, correcting my mistakes, and spreading the word. When I started this blog, I expected my target audience to be confined to the tiny red dot called Singapore. I really did not expect the worldwide audience that now reads this blog.

Here are the top countries that visit this blog as compiled by Blogger Stats.

Are you surprised to find your country's ranking on this list? So from where in the world are you reading this? Drop me a comment and say "Hi!".

Have fun!!


  1. I'm from America, but I'm of Chinese heritage. I've played the Western (and original) version of this game, Bang!, for many years, and of course I was interested when I heard of this Chinese version. I was fortunate enough to try it a couple of months ago with a couple of international students from the PRC, and I found out that Sanguosha is definitely Bang! on steroids. They play out differently, with different strategies.

    I'd like to know, Ricky, have you tried Bang before?

  2. Hey! Well I'm currently in the Philippines, but I'll be back in the states soon! And I agree with Red China, Sanguosha definitely has a lot more strategies involved than the regular Bang!

  3. Red China: I've heard of Bang! but i've never played it. Many board game afficionados have said that SGS is an imitation of Bang! and are quick to jump on the China-does-not-respect-copyrights band wagon. Since i have not played Bang! i cannot comment on the game mechanics, but judging from the amount of thought and links to ROTK story, I think that SGS stands apart as more than just a cardgame. It has made many people like me actually interested in this 700 year old story.

    Ryan: You must contributed 80% of the pageviews in Philippines!! haha!!

  4. Actually, Da Vinci had actually given Yoka a cease-and-desist letter. No idea on where that went, I think even they realized that SGS was unique...if it's a ripoff, this ripoff's production values are freakin' high.

  5. Really?! Wow for all we know the "jury" might still be out. These things take a notoriously long time.

    Anyhoo, there's no stopping this game now. Even if YOKA stops production, there are more than enough imitations out there to ensure a constant supply.

    I agree with you that this "ripoff" is QUALITY!


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