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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Alright!! Woods Expansion done!! Now only 6 more characters left before i'm done with all the official characters...




Anyways yesterday was another marathon session of SGS and we decided to go crazy with the super characters again. This time, on top of the 6 Demi-Gods, we mixed up 4 of the unofficial Demon cards into play: They are...

Yes they just keep haunting us. Some of these demon characters are pretty cool, such as Demon Guan Yu and Demon Zhu Ge Liang. Demon Hua Xiong is slightly under-powered IMO and we didn't have a chance to use Demon Lu Bu. 

Key takeaways from yesterday's Demi-Gods VS Demons:

1. Demi-God Cao Cao can easily have a shitload of cards on-hand. What would take (normal) Lu Meng 20 minutes to build up in cards would take Cao Cao only 2 minutes. 

2. Demi-God Guan Yu cannot use most of the PEACH since they are most "heart" suited. 

3. Demi-God Guan Yu as RULER isn't very useful :(

4. Demon Zhu Ge Liang is unable to acquire all the abilities of Demi-God Zhu Ge Liang and Demi-God Lu Bu due to their ability requirements.

I won't be putting up the Demon character card posts for now as they are unofficial and pretty hard to get your hands on. But if there is enough demand for me to write about them, I will.

Till then! Have fun! 杀!


  1. Uhh, "Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce", anyone? I'm assuming that these Demon cards are NOT endorsed by KOEI whatsoever.

    Only in China can they do this ;)

  2. Absolutely not endorsed... in fact its not even OFFICIAL from Yoka games. These cards were created by common people like us purely for the fun of it.

    (By the way, i never knew that the images here are from Dynasty Warriors until i saw this comment! Thanks for the info!)

  3. Are there normal version of Hua Xiong ?

    Hua Xiong die by Sun Jian
    not Guan Yu

  4. No, your fact is incorrect.

    Hua Xiong was indeed killed by Guan Yu. Hua Xiong pursued Sun Jian and almost came very close to killing him. Sun Jian escaped but Hua Xiong came looking a duel the next day. Many generals were killed by Hua Xiong until Guan Yu stepped forth. Guan Yu slayed Hua Xiong so quickly that his hot wine has not even turned cool by the time he returned with Hua Xiong's head.

    ROTK Chapter 5 Paragraph 104.

  5. Just wondering is there a way to get some of these unofficial cards? A game of Demi-gods vs Demons sounds fun. We hardly use demigods in normal games since they are so overpowered.

  6. You can purchase them through my blogshop. I will be putting up these items very soon. Do note that these are unofficial cards and are not from YOKA.


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