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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Demi-God Cáo Cāo 神曹操

Posted by Ricky Chua On 6:11 PM 27 comments
Translated description:
"A Hero that transcends time 超世之英杰 (chāo shì zhī yīng jié)"

Why is he a Demi-God:
Nearly every Chinese in the world would have heard of his name. It is not just his achievements that are spectacular, his use of military tactics and his overall leadership ability is legendary. The description is no exaggeration; Cao Cao truly is a hero that has transcended time.  That fact that we are playing a card game that is built-upon that the Three Kingdoms story is proof of this. You might ask, "What about Liu Bei 刘备 or Sun Quan 孙权? Are they not in the same league?" Perhaps. Both of them were extraordinary in their own rights, but the drama that is Cao Cao is what makes him stand out from those two. It is well-known that the Romance of Three Kingdoms story down-played a lot of Cao Cao's achievements and his more humane side, thus what we know from the story is only a part of his full story. Cao Cao deserves to be a Demi-God, because he is arguably the most important person in the entire era.

Character ability 1: "Homage 归心 (guī xīn)"
For every 1 unit of damage that you receive, you can draw one card from every character in play (equipped cards, on-hand cards, or pending judgement cards). After doing so, you must flip character card.

Character ability 2: [Enforced ability] "Flying Shadow 飞影 (fēi yǐng)"
When other characters consider their distance from you, you will always have additional +1 distance away (equipped +1 horse by default).

Ability's relation to story:
"Homage" is exactly what the word means; bow to the God that is Cao Cao and offer him your cards for his picking. "Flying Shadow" is a word play on his favorite steed "The Shadow 绝影", which is a +1 horse in this game.


  1. So for his 2nd ability, can he also have a +1 horse card giving him +2 distance?

  2. To answer Dave: I believe so. Which puts him really far away :)

    For some reason his first ability seems like more of a disability than an ability. Because if he has to flip his card over, he can't do anything next turn. Is there something I'm missing about how to use Demi-god Cao Cao effectively?

    1. If he receives another unit of damage he can flip his card back (if your card is in a flipped state and gets flipped again, you flip back. Just wait to be a target or collateral damage so you can flip back.

  3. Maybe it's to choose a good armor, a +1 horse from another player, or taking a strong weapon away from someone... it seems like a strong defensive ability to decrease the likely of someone attacking them again...

    Just wondering, if his character card is flipped again if he is attacked again, does that mean he misses 2 turns, 1 turn, or no turns? :)

  4. Cao Cao is exceptionally powerful in a game with many players. We played a game with 7 players the other day, and in a short span of 2 minutes he accumulated 14 cards on hand (because he suffered damage twice in this period).

    To clarify Dave's second question about flipping Cao Cao's character card, the indication of "miss a turn" is solely based on whether the card faces up or down. Missing a turn is not cumulative! Therefore when Cao Cao suffers damage while his card is faced down, not only does he have another windfall of cards, he regains his turn because his card is flipped back up.

    By the way, this also means that Cao Pi can assist Cao Cao in flipping over, just like he can assist Cao Ren.

  5. For his first ability, what does it mean by "pending judgement cards"?

  6. "Pending judgement cards" means a time-delay tool card that has been placed on the victim but has yet to activate.

    For example an Acedia 乐不思蜀 card that another player uses on me, but its not yet my turn so i have not performed judgement on that card. Such a card is a pending-judgement-card.

  7. does it mean that if 神曹操 can get at least one peach/wine everytime he gets hit, he is effectively unkillable and he builds up more and more power (as he doesn’t need to discard because he has no turn/discard phrase to begin with) until he gets a turn and probably will unleash all his power on his enemies

  8. Well chances of drawing peach/wine are not fantastic. Besides, through experience the other players will know not to keep any peach or wine on hand cos its likely to be picked by Cao Cao. Same logic as when Zhang Liao is around.

  9. can you get hurt when your character is flipped over facing down?

  10. Yes, you are considered in-game for all purposes.

  11. when he takes damage, does he draw cards from everyone immediately? or at the conclusion of the attacker's turn?

  12. Does he have to draw a card from every person or can he choose who to take cards from?

  13. ^^ He gets the cards from other characters immediately and consecutively one by one.

    ^ He has to get a card from ALL OTHER CHARACTERS.

  14. I thought when Cao cao gets damaged and is now on the brink of death, the game will halt until he is saved, and only afterwards he'd draw the cards. So how is it?

  15. Can Cao Cao really take pending judgment cards?
    I know there was an error on Sima Yi's page about that. Since Sima Yi cannot take pending cards, and this power lends itself to a similar situation. I want to make sure that the information is accurate.

  16. ^^ Yes. Brink of Death has higher priority than Receiving Damage. DG Cao Cao has to be saved before using "Homage".

    ^ Yes. It is specifically stated on the character card in the blanket.

  17. When Cao Cao has a +1 horse equipped, wouldn't that mean that he's essentially immune to STEAL and RATIONS DEPLETED by other characters except Ma Chao and Pang De with -1 horse equipped?

  18. I played several online games with God Cao Cao in it.

    He's quite overpowered lol.

    1. If you don't hurt him in the early game, he is extremely passive, and "Flying Shadow" makes it difficult for his comrades to activate "Homage" by dealing damage to him. In later games, "Homage" is less useful, but make sure you have both weapon and -1 horse (better if you have other abilities that can deal damage without limitation of distance).

      BTW, DG Cao Cao is rather vulnerable when playing against Da Qiao and Zhang Chunhua...

    2. The problem is that it's still very easy to hit him in the first turn in a 8 player game.

      There are so many combo possibilities with him:
      Xiao Qiao
      Pang Tong
      Tai Shi Ci
      Xun Yu
      Xiao Hou Dun
      Yuan Shao
      Xiao Hou Yuan
      Cao Pi

    3. Xiao Qiao is the best of them, while characters like Taishi Ci, Yuan Shao and Xiahou Yuan would be less useful, because if they hurt DG Cao Cao, "Homage" would steal their cards too, and they would be disabled because their abilities are card-costing...

      In fact I think some of them are useful to kill DG Cao Cao like Xiahou Yuan because they are no limited by distance...

      I think the best character to combo with DG Cao Cao is The Two Zhangs. Firstly, their "Stabilization" is valuable. In most cases, DG Cao Cao would discard loads of cards, and the Two Zhangs can collect them without loss. Secondly, Two Zhangs can give ZHUGE CROSSBOW to DG Cao Cao by "Blunt Advice". This is just what DG Cao Cao needs!

      Overall, DG Cao Cao is relatively stronger than other characters, but it is more than possible to kill him (Don't forget Da Qiao and Zhang Shunhua =w=)

  19. The skill "Homage" is from Cao Cao's poem (you know that Cao Cao is also a great poet) "Short Song Style". The last lines reads "周公吐哺,天下歸心" directly trasnlated into "The ruler stops the meal (just for the arrival of the sage), that's why he can win the hearts of all the world". So this skill name is a perfectly matching for the story and the mechanics.

  20. There is one weakness for demigod Cao Cao . There is one incident I watch one round of SGS online game. 8 Players ~
    Demigod Cao Cao were obtaining a lot of cards like 21 cards and currently had him skipped his turn.
    But he had overlooked one character beside him. The character is SP DiaoChan .
    She skipped her turn and gain his cards and attack him. That was funny when I saw this happen.
    After that, everytime there are DG Cao Cao and SP Diaochan , they will fight each other first ...
    =w= |||

  21. Cao Cao's ability, Homage is related to a poem that he wrote. Basically it means, restrain yourself to accumulate more power like a respectable mountain, thus the name, Homage.


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