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Monday, September 27, 2010


Posted by Ricky Chua On 2:28 PM 6 comments
It's one thing to translate every card from Chinese to English, but it's quite another to want to squeeze all the long english words into 2cm x 4cm space and still be legible.

In a disastrous last minute crash-out, I found to my heart-wrenching horror that my english-plugins contain words that are too damn small to be readable! NOOOOOOOO!!!!! After all those hours of work!!!!!!


No matter!! I shall find a way around it! I am determined to release this english plug-in for the benefit of all my readers!

I'll be back!!!! 他妈的我杀死你!!!


  1. Thanks for the hardwork Ricky. It must be frustrating. All the best & jiayou!

  2. Yea keep at it! I say worse comes to worst, you can always just make it so that the picture gets covered up a little bit. Or you can always ask us for help shortening the english translations! :)

  3. I think the best way for an English plugin would be to have each card in a card sleeve and place pieces of paper in the sleeve. In the sleeve, it doesn't really matter if it's bigger or smaller than the box.

  4. thanks everyone for your encouragement. giving my strategy a re-think. Gotta keep going. a small obstacle like this isn't gonna stop me. :)

  5. how about a character translation booklet? :)


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