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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Launching soon!!! A few more days!!

Posted by Ricky Chua On 12:47 PM 8 comments
Hi everyone, there have been a lack of posts recently because i have been busying myself with an original SGS-English product for the card game!

I'm incredibly excited about it and i cannot wait to show it to all you readers and make it available! It would take me a few more days of work, but trust me... ITS GOING TO BE WORTH IT!!

In the meantime, i'll do my best to put up the alternative rules and FAQ disambiguations. :)

Have fun and 杀!


  1. Wait, they're going to release SGS in all English? O_O Maybe there is hope...

  2. NO WAY YOU SERIOUS???????

  3. Red China: Actually... its not "they". It's just me. It's not a YOKA games initiative.

    That being said, i'm still really eager to launch it. Wait for it!!

  4. wow, english version?? can i ask smt? what does it mean by "Enforced ability" on the character card?

  5. "Enforced ability" means the description MUST be followed. The user cannot choose whether to follow or not. It MUST be followed.

    Eg: Demi-God Guan Yu "God of War" ability is an Enforced Ability. That means all his cards with heart suit MUST be ATTACK. Therefore the PEACH cards with heart suits cannot be used to regain his life...


    So far, the boardgamegeek page has two rule translation files that don't do a very good job of conveying the game. Do you mind if I help consolidate the information here into a PDF to upload there?

  7. Where can I find this "English" version??

  8. Red China, you can consolidate and upload to BGG, but for the copyright, I think you'll want to credit Ricky and also this here website to draw more traffic over. Also, before you upload it, could you send us a copy to vet through and approve?

    PS: My BGG username is princemousey.


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