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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mèng Huò 孟获

Posted by Ricky Chua On 10:57 AM 27 comments
Translated description:
"King of the Southern Barbarians 南蛮王 (nán mán wáng)"

Wikipedia link: Meng Huo Wiki

Who is he:
After the Kingdom of Shu Han 蜀汉 had been established in the west for several years, Meng Huo invaded Shu Han from the south. By this time, Liu Bei 刘备 had died and Zhu Ge Liang 诸葛亮 made all the major decisions as Prime Minister. Meng Huo sarcastically commented that the occupation of Shu Han over the western lands was a barbaric act, thus Meng Huo was going to claim back the land where their ancestors roamed. Zhu Ge Liang decided that an all-out war would exhaust supplies as well as cause too many innocent casualties. He also predicted that even if Shu Han was victorious, the barbarians would retaliate or harbour thoughts of revenge, thus it was best that Meng Huo and his people can be subdued by winning their respect. Meng Huo attacked Shu Han on different occasions but Zhu Ge Liang outsmarted him every single time, capturing Meng Huo but freeing him. Every time Meng Huo blamed external circumstances for his defeat and refused to acknowledge Zhu Ge Liang was the stronger. In the end, Zhu Ge Liang captured Meng Huo 7 times before Meng Huo finally gave in and subdued his people. From then on, the barbarians never invaded Shu Han again and were loyal to Zhu Ge Liang.

Character ability 1: [Enforced ability] "The Smoking Gun 祸首 (huò shǒu)"
The tool card BARBARIANS 南蛮入侵 has no effect on you. You will be the source of any damage caused by the use of BARBARIANS.

(This means any follow-up ability (retaliatory or advantageous) of other characters will target Meng Huo instead of the character who played the card.)

Character ability 2: "Arise Again 再起 (zài qǐ)"
During the drawing phase, iIf you are not at full health, you can choose to give up the drawing phase and, instead, flip X number of cards from the deck (X being the amount of health you have lost thus far). Of these X cards, you will regain 1 unit of health for every card with the suit of "hearts". The cards with "hearts" will be discarded while the remaining cards that were flipped will be kept into your hand.

Ability's relation to story:
Meng Huo's abilities have direct links to the story. He is the King of the Barbarians, therefore it is no surprise that his is "the smoking gun" for any damage caused by BARBARIANS. "Arise Again" probably has links to being released by Zhu Ge Liang 7 times. Meng Huo had the "never say die" attitude that pushed him to attack Shu Han repeatedly, despite so many failed attempts.

Additional info based on story:
1. Most famous achievement - Repeatedly attacking Shu Han, but ultimately was not Zhu Ge Liang's match. Still, most would have given up after the 2nd or 3rd attempt. Meng Huo kept on fighting for 7 times.

2. Cause of death - The story does not further mention Meng Huo after he admits defeat, however historical records state that Meng Huo might have become an official in Shu Han and he died of old-age. Word of caution though, the historical (real) Meng Huo deviates significantly from the story. He was never caught 7 times by Zhu Ge Liang, and he was not even a barbarian, much less the barbarian king.

FAQ and Disambiguation

1. For Meng Huo's ''Arise Again'' ability, can the flipped card be tinkered by Si Ma Yi/ Zhang Jiao?

Ans: No. This is because it is not a judgement card.

2. If another player uses BARBARIANS and damages Xia Hou Dun, does Xia Hou Dun's ''An eye for an eye'' ability target the user of the card or Meng Huo?

Ans: It would target Meng Huo.

3. Does the player used Barbarians have to use an attack to save himself since Meng Huo is the source of damage?

Ans: No the player who uses the Barbarians card NEED NOT use an ATTACK card for himself.
USER of the card > The player who uses the barbarians card will never need to use ATTACK to save himself.
SOURCE OF DAMAGE > The player whom all reward and punishment will go to due to barbarians.

4. Must the cards flipped for ''Rise Again'' be shown to everyone?

Ans: Yes. Everyone will get to see all the cards flipped out.

5. If Meng Huo is Ruler and someone uses BARBARIANS and kills the Loyalist, must Meng Huo discard all his cards?

Ans: Yes


  1. I reckon it will be best for Meng Huo to use his 2nd ability when his health unit is 2 or less.

  2. For some reason i'm really UNLUCKY with Meng Huo. Yesterday i went through 3 turns with only 1 health life. Each turn i use "Arise Again" and never got a single heart card!


  3. For the second ability, can the flipped card be tinkered by Sima Yi/ Zhang Jiao? Or is it not a judgment card?

  4. Good question!!

    It is not a judgement card, therefore it cannot be tinkered with.

  5. Just to clarify his first ability, so if someone uses "barbarians" card and a character like Xia Hou Dun suffers the damage, and forces the person to "An Eye for an Eye" ability .... does this ability target Meng Huo instead??

    Does the ability itself target Meng Guo or the after effect of an ability?


  6. Yes "An eye for an eye" would target MengHuo and not the user of the card.

    Did not quite understand your 2nd question. What are you referring to when you say "ability"?

  7. Oh sorry um..
    Ability referring to "An eye for an eye". Does Meng huo do the judging etc. or the person using barbarians card judge, and then the after effect from the judging affect Meng Huo?

    Hope thats a bit more clear.

  8. Judging for "An eye for an eye" is done by Xia Hou Dun and not the intended victim. So neither the card user not MengHuo flips the judgement card.

    The after effect affects MengHuo and not the card-user.

  9. DOes the player who used Barbarians have to use an attack to save himself from the barbarians because Meng Huo is the source of the damage?

  10. No the player who uses the Barbarians card NEED NOT use an ATTACK card. There is a distinction between USER of the card vs SOURCE OF DAMAGE:

    USER of the card > The player who uses the barbarians card will never need to use ATTACK to save himself.

    SOURCE OF DAMAGE > The player whom all reward and punishment will go to due to barbarians.

  11. Rise again ability means flipping of the cards, the cards will be flip out for everyone to see?

  12. Yes. Everyone will get to see all the cards flipped out, which means they will know what cards you draw in for that round.

  13. question: if 孟获 is 主公 and 反贼 played 南蛮入侵 and killed 忠诚. 孟获 has to discard his hand,equipment,etc?
    poor thing if thats the case...

  14. Yes Meng Huo will have to discard every thing if somebody else's Barbarians kills the Loyalist. That's why its a bad idea to have Meng Huo be Ruler.

  15. Between Meng Huo and his wife. When someone plays barbarians who would get the card?

  16. I'm sorry I mixed up the card. disregard the previous question.

  17. If Cao Cao use BARBARIANS, it counts as Meng Huo using it. So Cao Cao will receive 1 damage? Does that mean that Cao Cao can pick it up and use it again... and again.. until he has no health?

  18. No, Cao Cao will not receive 1 damage. It is still Cao Cao who played the card, even though Meng Huo is the source of the damage.

  19. If Meng Huo 孟获 is equipped with zhu que yu shan 朱雀羽扇,does the barbarians card count as having fire attribute damage, and if so how will damage be calculated for characters who are shackled together and cannot play 杀?

  20. No, the BARBARIANS will not have fire damage..

  21. The Feathered Fan only gives Fire attribute to ATTACK cards.

  22. I know that the rules - if you want to be pedantic about it - say that only the *damage* and not the actual played card, itself, count as coming from Meng Huo, but if Meng Huo cannot augment the damage received by other players when someone else plays the BARBARIANS card, or alternatively, if the one who plays the BARBARIANS card does not also have to play 杀 in order to play the BARBARIANS card, then I think that the actual BARBARIANS card ought to count as having been *played* by Meng Huo, that way there can at least be some sort of synergy between he and his wife Zhu Rong. Otherwise I cannot see how this ability isn't actually a handicap.

  23. He has two benefits. Firstly, Barbarians has no effect on him. Secondly, if he kills a rebel, he gets to draw three cards.

  24. if meng huo had bing liang cun duan activated on him, does that mean he can't use his rise again ability? though it's stated above that he can "give up his drawing phase and instead..."

  25. The exact timing is that Judgement happens at the beginning of a player's turn. So if Meng Huo gets his supplies cut off, he actually skips his draw phase, which means that he is unable to give it up as it has been skipped.

    Hence, he will not be able to use his rise again ability.

  26. if Rations Depleted is used on him, and it takes effect, can he use his ability?

    1. No.

      A general rule of thumb that you can use to assess situations involving time-delay tool cards and powers that require one to skip a phase in order to do something is:

      "You cannot skip what you do not have."


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