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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Zōu Shì (Lady Zou) 邹氏

Posted by Ricky Chua On 12:36 PM 6 comments
Translated description:
"Enticement of the Succubus 惑心之魅 (huò xīn zhī mèi)"

Who is she:
"Morrigan" from Darkstalkers. Get the picture? Unfortunately, Lady Zou cannot transform into bats or suck the life out of you. But she very nearly did bring about the death of Cao Cao 曹操 with her provocative flirts. Like a story out of a soft-porn novel, the rendezvous of Lady Zou with Cao Cao was an adulterous episode of one man messing with his ally's wife. And how do adulterous couples fair in the end? Tragically, of course! The cuckoo-ed husband Zhang Xiu 张绣 raided Cao Cao's army and very nearly killed him. Cao Cao escaped, but suffered the loss of his most beloved bodyguard, Dian Wei 典韦, and his eldest son Cao Ang 曹昂. So you see, kids, adultery... adultery's bad... um-kay?

Character ability 1: "Femme Fatale 祸水 (huò shuǐ)"
During the action phase, you can expose this character card. Within your turns, if this character card is exposed, other players cannot expose their character cards.

Character ability 2: " Impetus for Conflicts 倾城 (qīng chéng)"
During the action phase, you can discard an equipment card and select another player that has both character cards already exposed. You then choose one of that player's character cards and "hide" it (flip it over such that it is in the hidden state).

Synergistic Partners:

Difference from Normal SanGuoSha:
She is a brand new character specially created for Kingdom Wars.

Ability's Relation to Story:
Both “Femme Fatale” and “Impetus for Conflicts” related to Lady Zhou’s charm. Her beauty can force all hidden characters to stay ‘asleep’, and their abilities cannot be activated within her turn. She could also ‘take off her clothes’ to make someone ‘asleep’…okay, you know what I mean.

Interestingly, “倾城” and “倾国” (the ability of Zhen Ji 甄姬) comes from the same story---a concubine of an emperor said to be so beautiful that she could ‘ruin cities’ and ‘ruin kingdoms’. The presence of Lady Zou leads to the Battle of Wancheng 宛城, and thus comes the name “倾城 (lit. ruin cities)”.


  1. If Lady Zou make Zhou Tai flip a character card when he is on "Refuting Death", he'll automatic enter the Brink of Death. (need to use peach and wine) or need to hit him 1 more dame enter the Brink of Death. ?

  2. My chinese is a bit rough, I hope someone can vouch for this answer but the FAQ states:

    If Lady Zou flips Zhou Tai when he has "cards" flipped for his Refuting Death ability, he will have to use the same number of Wines or Peaches as the number of "cards". So to answer your question, I think he'll automatically enter Brink of Death and require Wines and Peaches.

  3. Yes, that is correct.

  4. ability 1 is theoretically a single-use ability, right? As the description said, the ability only activates when you expose yourself in your turn. After you expose, there is not way to hide your character back and re-expose (2nd ability works only with "another" player)

    1. Yes, that is correct! Additionally, the 1st ability is just for the beginning of the game :D

  5. I have two questions about her skills first is that if she activates her first sill does es mean that all other player who haven't exposed their cards can never expose ther cards for the entire game or only for this round and next question is that if i use her second skill to flip a character those that mean that the player that got flipt need to skip all his phases to flip her card again or he can just flip his card when he need to use the ability of the card?


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