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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The literal translation of 兵粮寸断 means "breaking every inch of military rations". The RATIONS DEPLETED card simulates starvation, helplessness, and even the feeling of despair in battle by preventing the target player from drawing any cards during his round! Falling victim to this card is a royal pain-in-the-behind. Somewhat the harbinger of doom, players who are on the receiving end of RATIONS DEPLETED often get eliminated within the coming round. Thank goodness there are only 2 of these cards in the entire deck!

What it does:
It prevents the target player from drawing any cards. For this card to take effect, judgement needs to be passed during the start of the target player's turn. If the judgement is any suit other than "clubs", the player fails the judgement. He or she cannot draw any cards from the deck for this round. Players using Zhang Liao 张辽 cannot use his special ability “Surprise Attack” either. Simply put, the target player cannot gain any cards during the "resupply" phase for that round. That is where the card's effect ends though. The player can use any of the other tool cards such as HARVEST 五谷丰登 or DRAW2 无中生有 to add more cards to his hand.

How to use it:
During your action phase, you can use RATIONS DEPLETED by placing it into the pending area of another player at physical distance 1 from you. It would be cancelled if the target player possesses “Behind the Curtain”.

During the coming judgement phase of the target player, he/she needs to make a judgement. If the judgement result is not clubs, the target player needs to skip his/her draw phase.

Note that NEGATE against time-delay tool cards are used just before the judgement.

Historical Basis:
Although there are numerous mentions in "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" of military tactics aimed at destroying rations and logistics, there was no particular military action event that led to widespread starvation of troops (to my knowledge anyways, feel free to contribute!). The basis for 兵粮寸断 is more likely referring to the locust plague in 194AD that caused widespread famine across all of China. This became the basis for Cao Cao 曹操's emphasis on agriculture in his leadership.


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