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Sunday, September 23, 2012

PEACH 桃 (táo)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 10:33 AM No comments
The life-saver. PEACH cards refill one unit of health. Wondering why peach was chosen instead of apples, oranges or durians? Apparently the peach appears in classical novels in Chinese literature, such as Journey to the West 西游记. It is a fruit associated with the heavens for imparting longevity. Read the trivia section below to find out more inconsequential information about Peaches in Chinese culture.

What it does:
It refills one unit of health up to the maximum health limit for the character. It can be used at zero health (brink of death) or even in negative health!

How to use it:
The usage of PEACH can be split into 2 scenarios. The difference in these 2 scenarios are in the recipients of the health increased.

1. During your action phase, if you are injured, you can use a PEACH on yourself and regain 1 unit of health.
2. When any player on the Brink of Death, you can use a PEACH on that player, so that he/she regains 1 unit of health. If the health of that player is increased to 1 or above, he/she is saved back. This is the ONLY situation when PEACH can be used to increase the health of someone else's other than your own.

According to Wikipedia, peaches originated from China! Although I'm inclined to believe that is true, alas I cannot prove it. What Wikipedia does state, though, is peaches have been planted since the 10th Century BC, which means its likely that the characters from the Three Kingdoms legacy would have encountered peaches in their time (~200AD). Up till today, rice pastries are shaped like Peaches for special religious festivals (usually Taoist). Peaches are still very much a part of Chinese culture, history and folklore.


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