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Sunday, September 23, 2012

FROST BLADE 寒冰剑 (hán bīng jiàn)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 11:21 AM No comments
This felt like a weapon that did not fit San Guo Sha 三国杀 the first time I saw it. Something just did not feel right about having an elemental component (frost/ice) in-built in a blade while being set in a semi-historical storyline. Till now, I still feel like this belongs in Final Fantasy more than Romance of Three Kingdoms. A search on the ownership of this blade in the story turned up nothing, which adds to my guess that this weapon was created purely for this card game. That's not to say that I am condemning this weapon to the trash bin. It may not be as dangerous as ZHU GE CROSSBOW 诸葛连弩 or as strategically useful as UNICORN BOW 麒麟弓, but it can still tip the scales when the need arises.

Attacking range: 2

Special ability:
When you inflict damage to your target by using ATTACK杀, if the target player has at least one card (on-hand or equipped), you can prevent the damage and discard two cards (one by one) from that player.

Characters that match this weapon best:
Instead of “who match this weapon best”, a better way is to say “who are more vulnerable to this weapon”. Characters with damage-triggered abilities like Cao Cao曹操 and Guo Jia郭嘉 are vulnerable to this weapon because they cannot activate their abilities by suffering damage.


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