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Sunday, September 23, 2012

LIGHTNING 闪电 (shǎn diàn)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 11:00 AM No comments
Be afraid of this card. Be very afraid. When LIGHTNING appears, either a particular player has become desperate and suicidal, or the "judgement tinkerers" Sima Yi 司马懿 and Zhang Jiao 张角 have reared their ugly head. Typical exclaimations by players when LIGHTNING is used range from "Oh maaaaaaan~" to "Oh f******k~" to "WAH LAO EH~!" Strangely, more often than not the player who activates the LIGHTNING card ends up regretting it.

What it does:
Three units of lightning attribute damage! During the "judgement phase", if the judgement card happens to fall between 2 to 9 of "spades", you get struck by lightning. Immediately lose 3 units of health.

Here's the messed up part: If you happened to be shackled by IRON SHACKLES 铁索连环, every player that is also shackled will also lose 3 units of health since lightning damage can be transmitted!

Here's the super messed up part: The "judgement tinkerers" Sima Yi and Zhang Jiao can manipulate the outcome of judgements. Thus when either of these 2 characters are around, they can literally control who gets struck by lightning! "Oh maaaaaaan~"

Here's the insanely messed up part: LIGHTNING does not go away despite not striking the player or using NEGATE 无懈可击. The LIGHTNING card simply moves on to the subsequent player, and the next, and the next, until somebody eventually gets hit! There are only 2 ways to get rid of LIGHTNING without it striking a player. Either use DISMANTLE 过河拆桥 or STEAL 顺手牵羊. Russian roulette anyone?

How to use it:
During your action phase, you can use LIGHTNING by placing it into your own pending area. It would be cancelled if you possess “Behind the Curtain”.

During the coming judgement phase of the target player, he/she needs to make a judgement. If the judgement result is 2-9 of spades, the target player receives 3 units of lightning damage, and the LIGHTNING is placed into the discard pile; or else, place the LIGHTNING to the player on the right.

Note that NEGATE against time-delay tool cards are used just before the judgement. If LIGHTNING is negated, place it into the pending area of the player on the right.

In traditional Chinese culture, it was said that people of unforgivable guilty would be struck by lightning. Dong Zhuo董卓, the step-father of Lu Bu吕布, was one of them, though not struck when he was alive. In the story, after he was killed by Lu Bu, he was dissembled by the angry officials and citizens. His remains were collected and buried by his supporters, but lightning struck his coffin thrice to prevent the burial. Wow!


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