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Sunday, September 23, 2012

There was a scene from Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers, where Aragorn commands the elven archers to release their arrows against the orcs attacking Helm's Deep. Arrows rain from the sky, instantly impaling hundreds of orcs. This enactment is pretty much the same in the era of the Three Kingdoms. Use RAINING ARROWS to release arrows against every player. Players must play DODGE 闪 or NEGATE 无懈可击, or suffer 1 unit of health damage.

What it does:
A multi-player attack where every player must play DODGE or lose 1 unit of health. NEGATE can also be used to neutralize this tool card. Rules of engagement is identical to BARBARIANS 南蛮入侵 where it is recommended to have players play DODGE in an orderly manner starting from the user's right.

Note that since DODGE is required, a player that has equipped the EIGHT TRIGRAMS 八卦阵 can choose to play auto-DODGE (judgement required).

How to use it:
During your action phase, you can use RAINING ARROWS on all other players. Each target player needs to play a DODGE, or else he/she suffers 1 unit of damage from the user. Players should play their DODGE cards consecutively one after another, starting from the player on the user's right.

Historical basis:
Too many battles in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms made use of raining arrows on their enemy. In fact it is expected to be part of assault and defense, just like tanks are to ground battles in today's wars. However there are 2 special-mentions in Romance of the Three Kingdoms concerning arrows.

The first is the warlord Yuan Shao 袁绍 and his choice of using arrows heavily. In his attacks against Gong Sun Zan 公孙瓒 and Cao Cao 曹操, there is an abnormally large number of mentions of Yuan Shao using arrows against his enemies. This is likely the reason Yuan Shao's character in this card game has the ability to use RAINING ARROWS easily.

The second is the story of Zhu Ge Liang 诸葛亮 using straw figurines to borrow arrows. Zhou Yu 周瑜 wants Zhu Ge Liang dead because he is too intelligent and will be a threat after the alliance between the kingdoms of Shu Han 蜀汉 and Sun Wu 孙吴 is over. Zhou Yu challenges Zhu Ge Liang to produce 100,000 arrows in 10 days or be executed. Zhu Ge Liang audaciously proposes to shorten the duration to 3 days. He then sends 20 boats filled with straw figurines into enemy waters on a foggy day (Cao Cao's camp). The enemy saw a huge attack imminent, but is unable to clearly see that the figurines were straw and not real warriors. Thus they unleashed volley after volley of arrows, which Zhu Ge Liang gladly accepted. By such, he was able to produce 100,000 arrows within 3 days.


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