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Friday, September 14, 2012

Gān Níng 甘宁 (*SP009)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 8:30 AM 1 comment
Translated Description:
"The Crow with Bells 怀铃的乌羽 (huái líng dè wū yǔ)"

Why is he an SP character?
Just as there was a time before Captain Jack Sparrow became "Captain", there was a time before the Gan Ning that we know became a proper soldier. You might already know that Gan Ning was a pirate before he joined a proper military. What you probably didn't know was the head-hunter style dress up that he adorned whilst he was plundering the lands; bone-ornaments to adorn their hair and silver bells around their waists. You could almost imagine an aboriginal cannibal from some far-away tropical rain forest. Now how's that for a rags to riches story?

Character ability 1: Silver Bells 银铃 (yín líng)
During your action phase, you can discard 1 black-suited card and select another player. If you do so, you acquire 1 card from that player, then place that card on top of your character card. This card will then be known as ”Brocade 锦". (Max number of Brocades = 4)

Character ability 2: Militant's Might 军威 (jūn wēi)
At the end phase of your turn, you can discard 3 "Brocades" into the discard pile. If you do so, you must ask one player to choice between 1 of 2 options:

1. Display 1 DODGE 闪 card, which you then take and pass to any player.

2. Lose 1 unit of health, after which you select 1 card from that player's equipped items area and move that card out of the game. Once that player's turn has ended, that card that was moved out of the game shall be returned to its original position.

Ability's relation to story:
Jingle bells, anyone? According to records, Gan Ning's victims were so traumatized by his plundering that they shudder in fear whenever they heard the jingling of bells. I guess the ability somewhat symbolizes "robbing" another player. Better yet, they gave the loot a fancy-smancy name 锦, which is expensive embroidery and fabric.

"Militant's Might" is just a random name for an ability, I guess. I could be wrong.

How to obtain this character?
Gan Ning (2012) is now available on! Click here to purchase.

1 comment:

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