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Sunday, September 23, 2012

While he was alive Zhu Ge Liang 诸葛亮 was always seen with a fan made of feathers in one hand, gently fanning himself. How that fan morphed into a fire-breathing weapon, I have no idea. The logic of how this weapon came to be in the card game is the appearance of RATTAN ARMOUR 藤甲 in the Battle Expansion Pack. The FEATHERED FAN is a weapon addition that comes with the Pack as a balancing factor, dealing massive damage for players that equip RATTAN ARMOUR. Still, this is one of those cards that did not go down well with me due to its loose link with the storyline (and common logic!).

Attacking range: 4

Special ability:
You can use your normal ATTACK杀 as FIRE ATTACK火杀.

Characters that match this weapon best:
Ironically, Younger Zhu Ge Liang 卧龙诸葛亮 will probably find this weapon the least useful. This weapon allows the character to deal fire damage, but Younger Zhu Ge Liang can already use BLAZE 火攻 readily. He does not need this weapon to flame his opponents. The thing about this weapon is that it was generated not to fit characters, but to specifically counter RATTAN ARMOUR. Therefore it is equally useful for most characters.

朱雀 is a mythological creature that symbolizes the direction South and the fire element. Also 朱雀羽扇 is the ultimate weapon of Zhuge Liang of the Dynasty Warriors series, so it is likely that the game makers simply borrow its name.


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