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Sunday, September 23, 2012

A polearm that combines halberd and glaive, TRIDENT GLAIVE is a rare class of weapon. One of the most famous users of this weapon is Erlang Shen 二郎神, a Chinese deity with a third eye from the classic novel "Journey to the West 西游记". In the Romance of Three Kingdoms, Ji Ling 纪灵 used this kind of weapon. Since Ji Ling is one of the new character, it is quite reasonable that his weapon appears in Kingdom Wars. Nevertheless, it is still a good add-on. Its abilities allows you to lay waste to multiple enemies easily.

Attacking range: 3

Special ability:
After your ATTACK杀 inflicts damage to your victim, you can discard an on-hand card and select another player at physical distance of 1 from that victim. You inflict 1 unit of damage to the selected player.

(Note: If you are at physical distance of 1 from the target player, you can choose to inflict the damage to yourself.)

Characters that match this weapon best:
Those who can inflict damage by ATTACKs easily, including those who have less dodgeable ATTACKs (e.g. Huang Zhong黄忠 and Ma Chao马超) and those who can use lots of ATTACKs in a single turn. Ji Ling, its original owner, can generate ATTACKs and attack twice with his “Double Edge”, thus being another desirable owner of this weapon.

Also, since this weapon can deal damage to its owner, some characters with damage-triggered abilities can utilize this feature to support their allies, namely Guo Jia 郭嘉 and Xun Yu 荀彧.


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