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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The game-changer. The 20% that makes the 80% irrelevant. Every player sweats buckets when his neighbour suddenly equips the ZHU GE CROSSBOW, and for good reason. This weapon allows any character to use as many ATTACK 杀 cards as they like in their turn. I have seen entire rounds end within 3 minutes of game-play thanks to this weapon. When your opponents have this equipped, pray that Gan Ning 甘宁 is on your side to use DISMANTLE 过河拆桥 on it. If this weapon falls into the hands of Lu Meng 吕蒙, it's about to start raining blood! Be very very afraid!!

Attacking range: 1

Special ability:
During the action phase of your turn, you can use as many ATTACK cards as you wish.

Characters that match this weapon best:
1. Characters that can convert their cards to ATTACK, e.g. Guan Yu 关羽 and Zhao Yun 赵云.
2. Characters that can draw/store a lot of cards in a single turn, e.g. Lu Meng吕蒙 and Lady Zhen甄姬.
3. Characters that have abilities concerning ATTACKs and have stored several ATTACKs, e.g. Xu Chu许褚 and Lu Bu吕布.


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