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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Demi-God Guān Yǔ 神关羽

Posted by Ricky Chua On 7:19 PM 16 comments
Translated description:
"The Return of the Ultimate Ghost 鬼神再临 (gǔi shén zài lín)"

Why is he a Demi-God:
There is no ghost quite like the ghost of Guan Yu in the Romance of Three Kingdoms story. No doubt he is not the only supernatural character to re-appear after death (Yu Ji 于吉 also came back to haunt Sun Ce 孙策), but the ghost of Guan Yu did more than spook the mortals. No, that would belittle him! The ghost of Guan Yu possessed his killer, Lu Meng 吕蒙, and took over control of his body. The possessed Lu Meng grabbed Sun Quan 孙权, and tossed him to the ground. Guan Yu even cursed Sun Quan through Lu Meng's mouth, then promptly killed Lu Meng from the inside, blood oozing out of the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. But the ghost of Guan Yu was not done yet! After Sun Quan sent Guan Yu's head to Cao Cao 曹操, Guan Yu's head awoke in its box and Cao Cao collapsed on the ground in fright. Cao Cao quickly gave Guan Yu a colossal burial fit for a prince and even posthumously named Guan Yu as Prince of Jing Zhou 荆州.

Character ability 1: [Enforced ability] "God of War 武神 (wǔ shén)"
Every "heart" suited card will be regarded as ATTACK 杀. When you use one of these "heart" suited cards, the ATTACK has no range limitations.

Character ability 2: [Enforced ability] "Warrior Spirit 武魂 (wǔ hún)"
For every 1 unit of damage that any player that inflicts on you, that player will receive 1 "Nightmare 梦魇" token. When you die, the player with the most number of Nightmare tokens must flip a judgement card. Unless the judgement card is PEACH 桃 or PEACH GARDEN 桃园结义, that player dies immediately.

Ability's relation to story:
"God of War" does not have any link to the story. I guess this is simply paying homage to the numerous military achievements of Guan Yu in his lifetime. "Warrior Spirit" is a fantastically created ability that has clear links to Lu Meng's death. The game makers want to re-create the retribution effect of Guan Yu's killer, and I think they put it together perfectly.

The illustration of the card follows the author's description of the ghost of Guan Yu. After the burial given by Cao Cao, Guan Yu's spirit lingers and wanders to Yu Quan Hill 玉泉山 where a priest see's a ghost in the nightsky with the shape of man mounted on a horse. The priest then recognises that it is the ghost of Guan Yu.


  1. By dies immediately, I'm assuming they cannot use a peach or anything right? How about Pang Tong? Can he still use his nirvana ability?

  2. What if multiple people have the same number of nightmare tokens?

  3. From what I understand so far, nobody can save the player who is dragged to hell with Guan Yu, not even Pang Tong's nirvana. There are only 2 ways to save the player with the most number of tokens: 1. keep Guan Yu alive, 2. get Si Ma Yi to hold a PEACH in his hand and change the judgement card with it. Note that Zhang Jiao cannot do the same as all PEACH and PEACH GARDEN cards are RED cards.

    That is why if a RULER goes 1-on-1 against Guan Yu, the ruler will never win (unless he is Si Ma Yi). Either Guan Yu kills the ruler or they both die in stalemate.

    When multiple players has the same number of tokens, Guan Yu gets to choose who to drag to hell. (Un)fortunately, only 1 player goes to hell with him.

    (Random nonsense: Wouldn't it be fun if the ability stated if Lu Meng is among the players, he will ALWAYS go to hell with Guan Yu irrespective of who has the most tokens. hahaha!)

  4. How does stalemate work, for the point system? If only ruler and one rebel/defector(as God-Guan Yu) are left in the game. And God-Guan Yu dies but his skill drag the ruler to hell with him. Who won? Do the "good guys" win so rebel does not get any points, or do the "bad guys" win and "good guys" does not get any points.

    Same thing with Dian Wei's character ability. He sacrifice his last unit of health to kill the ruler.

  5. Very debatable topic, but there does seem to be some answer that is agreed upon.

    In the game rules, it was stated that upon the death of all Rebels and Defectors, the game ends IMMEDIATELY. Since D-Guan Yu's ability only activates upon his death (and not brink of death), the game is officially over if it is 1vs1 and D-Guan Yu dies first. There is no need to activate his ability.

  6. for the first ability, when you say "Every "heart" suited card will be regarded as ATTACK 杀." does that mean he can't use a heart suited dodge as a dodge? and all his heart suited cards are immediately considered attack cards?

  7. Correct! DG Guan Yu cannot use any heart hard as anything but an attack. You have a draw two in you're hand? Not if you're him, it's just an attack. That escape that's a heart? Yep, that's an attack too. Uh oh, you're hurt. Too bad that peach is a heart and thus only an attack.
    You have to remember that he was more of a fighter than a thinker. He thought that all he ever needed to do was ATTACK!!!

  8. hi, for the wǔ shén ability, u mentioned "When Guan Yu uses one of these "heart" suited cards, the ATTACK has no range limitations."

    i think for wǔ shén, ONLY heart suited "sha" has no range limitation instead of any heart suited cards used as "sha".

  9. For Wu Shen ability, heart suited card = ATTACK, hence any heart suited card can be used as ATTACK and has no range limitation. Only ATTACK with other suits not entitled for this ability.

  10. Hi! Let's say D-Guan Yu attacks and injures Xiao Qiao, and she deflects it back to him. Who gets the nightmare tokens? Also, if another player attacks and injures XQ and she deflects it to DGY, who gets the nightmare tokens?

    1. The source of the damage always gets the nightmare tokens. Xiao Qiao does not become the source of damage when she activates "Heavenly Scent." She merely transfers the damage from herself to another target. If Demigod Guan Yu attacks Xiao Qiao and she passes it back to him, Demigod Guan Yu receives a nightmare token (yes, it is possible!). The same logic applies when another character damages Xiao Qiao and she passes it to Demigod Guan Yu.

    2. Xiao Qiao cannot reflect her damage back to the source. So if Demigod Guan Yu attacks her, she cannot transfer it back to him, only to another player.

    3. That is Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao can reflect the damage to anyone, even the original player, and yes as above mentioned, Guan Yu himself will get a token.

  11. So if someone does alcohol attack to take guan yu to negative 1 does he get 2 tokens before death and then is dragged to hell? Or does the hell happen before any tokens are issued?

    1. Tokens are issued then his ability activates. I hope this answers your question.

      As a side note, IMO this is the worst shen character and, whilst not the worst character (there are many much worse), still one of the people you don't really want to have on your team.

    2. I agree and really hope they would give him a third skill, having all hearts considered as attack is more of a curse than a gift, it would be great if he could get some other benefit from using a heart other than unlimited distance.


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