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Monday, August 27, 2012

Who in the world plays SanGuoSha?

Posted by Ricky Chua On 5:28 PM 11 comments
It fascinates me whenever I wonder where you (yes, you!) are reading this from right now.

Hello!!! I'd love to hear from you, wherever you are. Leave a comment below to say Hi!!

I'm sure there are viewers from countries other than those listed from the blog stats. I remember reading some comments that there are Brazilian readers and Spanish readers here as well.

Hope you guys are having fun with SGS still. My craving for SGS has gone into overdrive ever since I played Kingdom Wars last weekend.

No, seriously, you have to check it out! And i'm not just saying that because Sino-Games is selling it (it's completely sold out there by the way). It's the fact that the entire game has been rebalanced, much more thinking and strategy is involved now.

I really dare say that you get a sense of how the Kingdoms felt back in the era: You are one single player, necessarily allying with other players of different kingdoms because you are all weak in number, to counter a larger common enemy that might be 3 players strong. But once the threat of the big enemy is diminished, your allies backstab you quickly!

Oh... and we can now safely say that SGS-KW is no longer a copy of Bang!.

Watch out for the new SGS-KW blog coming up soon. Till then! 杀 your way to happy times!!


  1. First =w=
    I come from Hong Kong, in case you don't know =w=

    1. Since you're from HK, do you mind if I ask if 國戰 is available there, and if so is there a traditional chinese version (that is correct)?

      If so, where do I get it?

      I'm actually a HK national myself.. but I was born in Australia and been here my whole life. I only go back to HK to visit family and while I'm familiar with the overall locations, I don't know where anything in particular is :)

    2. There are normal SGS in trad/simp and SGS-KW in trad. You can get them from bookshops, such as Green Readings (my source of supply for SGS).

    3. Green Readings - will look that up. Cheers!

      And yep, it's me :)

  2. I am a Chinese-American currently living in Japan!

  3. Hi ! I'm French and lived in Chendgu for a while where i learnt how to play SGS !
    I teached some friends in France too :)
    I'm back in Chengdu right now for two weeks and i bought Kingdom Wars yesterday !

    Thanks for your blog by the way ! :)


  4. I'm from mainland China and currently living in Finland. I'd like to introduce SGS to a local board game company. Other games are just so BORING compared to SGS!

  5. SGS Hairy Nurse ability. Ability One is: when he suspect you do not have a card; indeed you do not have, he will discard a hand card on your hand. Otherwise, you can discard a hand card. If you do have that card, you need to discard that card. Ability Two: Spy. Every damage inflict on him, he can view your face - down general. If your general is face up, he can discard 1 of your hand card.

  6. Hello from an English teacher in Hong Kong! One of my students falls for this game, so I'm really curious about this game. Thanks to your translation, now we can use the materials here for learning English.


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