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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hi everyone,

As you might know, Blogger Dynamic views can be a real pain, particularly since nearly all widgets are not supported. I really really like the clean look of it though, and I hope you are finding the layout easy to navigate.

Thankfully, blogger has updated dynamic view with a "dock" on the right hand side of your page. I have migrated some of the useful links there, so do check it out.

(Check out the "Translate" widget. I tested translating this whole blog to "Simplified Chinese" and it was quite decent! To my Thailand and Brazilian readers, hopefully this helps somehow? Let me know!)

Anyway, i'm down to my last few pieces of ultimate pack, so do grab yours before they are all sold out. I'm 101% sure i'm not bringing in anymore SGS full game sets. In future I'll update with any new expansions, but that's it.

Oh... one more thing...

My apologies for removing the Q&A page. It was an accident, and now i'm no longer able to make it re-appear properly. It used to be a widget for "recent comments" but i've been scouring the internet for an hour and couldn't find a fix for blogger Dynamic view.

Anyone out there who knows Blogger Dynamic view very well, PLEASE HELP!! How do i get the recent comments widget to work again by showing up on a different page?

Thanks all!!


  1. Or maybe you can just recreate the SGS English Forum and let us put the Qs&As in there....

  2. I would be happy to, but i need moderators! any volunteers?

    1. I'd volunteer.

      It's Phil from Sydney, btw =p

    2. Heya Phil!! Hope you had a great time in Singapore. Do check out the forum and give me some suggestions?


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