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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Liú Beì 刘备 (*SP007)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 12:38 PM 17 comments
Translated Description:
"The Shining Martyr Emperor of Han Dynasty 汉昭烈帝 (hàn zhāo liè dì)"

Who is he:
Really? You do not know who he is? Come on!! Let's go straight to why the original Liu Bei needed an upgrade, shall we? He wasn't much of a Ruler character at all as he had little offensive powers and was more supportive and self-preserving.

Or was he?

My honest opinion is that the original Liu Bei is fine just the way he is. If i'm playing a large match with 6 or more players, any side with Liu Bei is at a strong advantage.

That being said, this new SP character does have some interesting abilities. At first glance, it seems SP Liu Bei is over-powered, but on closer evaluation, he does seem quite balanced. Bear in mind that his first ability contains the component of choice on the part of the victim, so it's not as insane as it first sounds. His 2nd ability sounds really cool as well! But we'll have to play him to be sure.

Character ability 1: Shining Martyr 昭烈 (zhāo liè)
During your drawing phase, you can draw 1 card less, then ask a player within your attacking range to display the top 3 cards from the deck. Discard the non-Basic cards and PEACH 桃 amongst these 3 cards, (the remaining basic cards will be needed below).

The player must choose 1 out of the following 2 options:

1. You inflict X units of damage on that player. The player then gets to acquire the remaining basic cards.

2. The player discards X number of cards, and you acquire the remaining basic cards.

(X is the number of non-Basic cards discarded amongst the 3 cards displayed.)

Character ability 2: Oath of Vengeance 誓仇 (shì choú) [Ruler Ability] [Single-use Ability]
At the beginning of your turn, you can select 1 player from the Shu allegiance and give him 2 cards. Every instance you receive damage throughout the game, this other player will receive the same amount of damage on your behalf, then this player will draw as many cards as damage received. This ability will perpetuate until this player enters brink of death for the first time.

Ability's relation to story:
Liu Bei was given the title "The Shining Martyr Emperor of Han Dynasty 汉昭烈帝" posthumously, which is seemingly where this ability title came from. In no way does his first ability seem "shiny" nor "martyr-ish", but it does have an air of "I am the bloody Emperor and watch me command you to do stupid things in a condescending manner, now spill your blood for me!".

The title "Oath of Vengeance" refers to his historically huge blunder by attacking Wu to avenge Guan Yu 关羽. That does not seem to have much link to the ability though, as there was no mention of surrogates in the story relating to this event. In fact, "Oath of Vengeance" has the undertones of "Bad idea" associated with it's name, which is supposed to come back and bite Liu Bei. This ability does not seem to show any of this.

How to obtain this character:
Click here to purchase this character from!


  1. The original Liu Bei was one of the most powerful characters in a team game and is widely recognised as such. I suppose the problem with the original characters that turned into SP, and others like Fa Zheng and Xu Shu is not that they were weak - they were actually quite good and well balanced - it was that they are very boring to play with very simple mechanics.

    Whilst I don't necessarily agree with the gameplay changes, this game needs to keep evolving lest this game go stale, failing to attract new players and losing the old ones.

    1. The problem is that most of the * SP and OKF2012 characters are poorly-designed, with lots of problem. This Liu Bei is the worst. Just as I said to Ricky, the illustration is the worst and the ability is dreadful. More to say, this is the first character with ability that shares both two Chinese characters with his title.

      BTW, it is reported that YOKAGAMES does not approve the *SP characters as official product...

      If you want to see some evolution of SGS, you can buy SGS:Battle of Nations. This is an official product derived from the normal SGS, featuring the Battle between allegiances and dual-characters, with new characters, tool cards and weapons. I am recently working on this.

    2. Great. I am going to HK in november and will definitely buy it there (hopefully I can nab myself a 繁體 version - I know they exist!), but my chinese is mediocre and it will be a lot of effort for me to learn the rules in chinese.

      If you could translate the rules for 國戰 I would really appreciate it - I don't know how else I could thank you.

    3. BTW if I can help out in any way I am happy to.. my chinese is mediocre but it is passable - if there are small side tasks which you would like to delegate..

    4. Yes there is a traditional Chinese version, but I do not recommend you to buy that, because there are some mistakes in translation from simplified Chinese to traditional Chinese. I suggest you to buy the Premium Version (aka Red Box).

      I have translated most of the Battle of Nations.
      BTW, can someone help me to find a good translation of 叠置 (placing a character card on another character card in superimposition) and 平置 (placing the two character cards in parallel, without superimposition), which is the BoN equivalent of flipping character cards (to show skipping of turns)?

    5. What's the Premium Version (red box)?

    6. Premium Version is a box of SGS with revamp in 2012. The descriptions are made clearer. There are all Tokens you need to play SGS. It includes the original cards and expansions of Battles, Wind, Wood, Fire and Hills. Four DG cards and one shiny card are attached. OKF 2011 and 2012 are attached if you buy it from online shop of YOKAGAMES.

    7. Is it this one?

    8. I wish I knew earlier.. I just bought a ultimate set off Ricky, on top of an original box I already own.

      But maybe I'll buy it anyway.. :)

    9. 零時色, when will the translations for Battle Nations be up? Really looking forward to that! :)

  2. Man, this guy sounds pretty crummy.

  3. The 2nd ability: 誓仇 can actually be pretty powerful providing the right characters are on your team.

    For example: having this ability tied to 法正, 法正will result in more chances for 恩怨 to activate. Thus, people will be more hesitant to attack 刘备, as it would cause them to either take damage or lose a card due to 法正's 恩怨 ability + it will give the shu alliance character more cards too.

  4. the second ability, if choose Discard X number of cards, and acquire the remaining basic cards. Can the player discard equipments?

    1. Yes. Your cards mean your on-hand cards and your equipped cards.

  5. Do SP characters replace original characters? Or do you add them to the characters' deck and play with both??

  6. For Oath of Vengence, does that mean you do not take damage as the other Shu character is taking damage for you? (On your behalf)


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