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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The ROTK full story (adapted to SGS)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 1:46 PM 5 comments
Hey everyone,

Ever since I began playing SGS, my interest in the Romance of Three Kingdoms story was set ablaze. Some of the earlier readers here would know that I absolutely hated anything to do with ROTK when i was younger.

After SGS, however, i felt a strong need to make sense of the characters, how they relate in the story and what their abilities meant. This became the main driving force behind this blog. Almost 3 years later, the number of readers here have steadily increased, and I began to wonder if any readers out there would like to read the story in English.

Thus I decided I would reproduce the translated ROTK story here, together with snapshots of the cards and characters that would appear in this game. I hope this would help you have a more complete picture of the entire story.

It is a difficult wish to be able to allow more readers to come to love ROTK as much as I have, but if the reproduction of these stories here can do that, I would be a very very very happy person.

Thanks for supporting my blog, and I hope you enjoy the story!



  1. A pleasure to read and I heavily anticipate the next chapter sets!

  2. damn this is a project and mustve kept you busy for a long time

  3. Wow going to be a tremendous amount of work. Good luck! I'll enjoy reading it!

  4. It's not as much work as it sounds. I'm not translating the story, because that has already been translated (incredibly!) in the 1920s by C. H. Brewitt-Taylor.

    I'm only linking up the SGS characters to each chapter.

    All credits for the fantastic translation goes to Brewitt-Taylor. I played no part in the incredible translations done by him in all these posts.

  5. You may not have done the translating, but you are a god for having made this available. I thought that I wouldn't be able to read this until I'd finished my studies and lived in China, but even then it would be tough.


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