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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wáng Yuánjī 王元姬 (Sticker Add-on)

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Translated Description:
"Civil and Understanding Empress文明皇后 (wén míng huáng hòu)"

Who is she:
It is fitting that Wang Yuanji is released together with Sima Zhao 司马昭, simply because these two were husband and wife. From a young age of 15, Wang Yuanji was married to Sima Zhao. Little is known about her except that she's incredibly scholarly from a very young age, is obviously very smart as you shall read about later on, and is very humble as the wife of the defacto leader of the kingdom. Sounds like the kind of wife most men would want: loyal, humble, and intelligent such that she is his most loyal advisor. Even by today's standards, such women are incredibly rare!

Character ability 1: "Smother 扶亂 (fú luàn)"
During your action phase, you can discard 3 cards of the same suit to flip the character card of a player within your attacking range. If you do so, you cannot use ATTACK 杀 in your turn. Limited to one use per phase.

Character ability 2: "Virtuous 淑德 (shū dé)"
At the ending phase, you can draw cards such that your number of on-hand cards is equal to your health limit.

Ability's relation to story:
"Smother" refers to her prediction of the rebellion of Zhong Hui 钟会. Zhong Hui was very talented and presented many schemes to Sima Zhao, but Wang Yuanji reminded Sima Zhao that Zhong Hui was extremely ambitious, and should not be trusted completely. During the invasion of Shu Kingdom, Sima Zhao allocated troops on the boundary, said to be taking precautions against Zhong Hui. The mechanism of the ability is that Wang Yuanji can smother the action of her enemy if given enough power.

“Virtuous” refers to her personality. It is said that Huang Yuanji was wise and frugal. However, the ability does not relate to any virtue. It seems that the designer just needs a name to nominate this ability.

Technically speaking, the meaning of 扶亂 leans more toward being supportive in nature instead of being antagonistic, however the reference of her smothering Zhong Hui's rebellion, as well as how the ability is designed to be antagonistic in nature. It may not really be 100% suitable with Wang Yuanji's personality, if you are very strict about it.

How to obtain this character:
Wang Yuanji can be obtained from the August 2012 issue of Zhuo You Zhi magazine, alongside *SP008 Da Qiao. It is available as an add-on "sticker" to be pasted on the "blank" character cards that are originally provided within the original pack as back-ups.


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