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Monday, August 20, 2012

The SanGuoSha Forum [Generation 2]

Posted by Ricky Chua On 1:14 PM 3 comments
Some suggested I set up the SGS forum again. I thought that was a good idea, so...

TA-DA!!! (Click on the image to visit the forum)

But i need lots of help! There are a couple of things I hope you can help me with.

1. I need to create a post on the forum for each character and each card on this blog. I already created 3 of them (Liu bei, Zhuge Liang and Zhao Yun).

2. I would then have to create links in every post on this blog to re-direct questions there. Before this can be done, step 1 needs to be finished.

3. I need contributors to go ahead and post as much as you like about the other SGS variations such as "Online", 3vs3, and Kingdom wars etc.

I hope enough people read this to want to help! It's a lot of work and I can't do this properly alone. So big thanks in advance!!



  1. Big thank you to Frank Hui for putting up a lot of the characters in a short span of time!

    Appreciate it!! :D

  2. Recently I cant access to the . Whenever I enter the website, it immediately change to . Is there something wrong here?

  3. The forums have disappeared for a long time now with no mention...


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