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Friday, August 10, 2012

Pre-Orders have begun for the new "3vs3 Specialty Card set" and "Kingdom Wars Box Set"!
Click on the pictures to visit the items.

We have placed all the SP cards into one product, given ALL of them a discount (mostly from $11.90 to $8.90)...

... and we're now giving you an additional 20% discount for SP cards if you key in this discount code in the check out page!


Grab yours quick!! Some are already sold out!

Click on this link to visit SP cards!

Other Price Slashes...

1. SanGuoSha PDF Translation Guide (up to Hills Pack characters) 
$2.90!! (was $6.90)

2. Ultimate Pack (Laminated)
Further slashed to $29.90!! (was $79.90)


  1. What does the Ambitionist do?

    1. They are similar to DEFECTORS. The AMBITIONISTS system serves for balancing the game to prevent too many players falling in the same allegiance.
      When a character card of a player is exposed, the allegiance of that player is confirmed. Normally, he/she would belong to one of the four allegiances. However, there is a chance that he/she would become the AMBITIONIST.
      At the timing of exposing a character card, if more than half of the players belong to that allegiance, the latest exposer would become the AMBITIONIST. Other hidden player of that allegiance would automatically become AMBITIONISTS when one of their character card is exposed, too.
      AMBITIONIST is viewed as a unique allegiance that is not Wei, Shu, Wu or Heroes. A AMBITIONIST need to eliminate all other players, including other AMBITIONISTS.
      Notice: AMBITIONISTS themselves are viewed as of different allegiances.

      E.g. In a 6 or 7 player game, when the 4th player with character card of the same allegiance is exposed, that player and all other hidden players with that allegiance would be the AMBITIONISTS.

    2. What are the chinese characters for the ambitionist?

    3. just saw the pic on the shop... pls ignore

  2. dude looking forward to your translation.

  3. What happened to the Q&A page on this website? I don't see it at the top anymore.

  4. For the 3v3 set, nothing is new except for Zhuge Jin right?

    1. And new card back covers (white). Other than that all is the same.


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