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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Just as you thought the clearance sale can't get any more ridiculous, I've decided to slash the shipping prices to overseas customers. This comes in the wake of many inquiries about the unrealistic shipping costs for Ultimate Packs and Final Packs.

Unfortunately, I am not making distinctions between shipping regions (lest i lose all my hair and work myself to the ground), therefore my Malaysia and Indonesia friends, i'm afraid you need to pay the same shipping as the US customers.

Latest Shipping rates: (Click on the links to go directly to the product page!)

0.05 to 0.199kg $15.90 now $11.90 (25% discount!)
(Eg: Demi-God cards, SP cards, replacement cards)

0.20 to 0.499kg $27.90 now $21.90 (20% discount!)
(Eg: T-shirt, Expansion packs)

0.50 to 0.749kg $44.90 now $31.90 (28% discount!)
(Eg: Original Pack, Feng Sheng, Q-version, Tomb of Cao Cao)

0.75 to 0.999kg $44.90 now $39.90 (10% discount!)
(Eg: Ultimate Pack without Card Protector and without lamination)

1.00 to 1.249kg $99.90 now $49.90 (50% discount!)
(Eg: Ultimate Pack with Card Protector or with lamination, Final Pack Mobile)

1.250 to 1.499kg $99.90 now $59.90 (40% discount!)
(Eg: Final Pack Collectors)

1.500 to 1.749kg $99.90 now $69.90 (30% discount!)
(Eg: Final Pack Collectors with Lamination)

1.750 to 1.999kg $99.90 now $79.90 (20% discount!)
(Eg: Combination of several items)

2 kg items and above, case by case basis! It's going to be too expensive!


  1. please try and get as many sp cards for sale on sino games as possible please :D

  2. Hi, send an email to sino games, still waiting for a reply.

  3. wow, is this a sign of how much margin he makes? haha

  4. wow these prices are still the roof. ncie profit ur making there


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