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Friday, February 25, 2011

Yes, yes, yes. It is a buffalo! How could an animal that moves as quickly as a shopping cart be given a "-2" distance rating?? Well... this is no ordinary buffalo. This is the king of all buffalo! The literal translation for its Chinese name is "Jade-eyed Three-horned White Buffalo 碧眼三角白水牛". Unfortunately, that does not help in visualizing how speedy this beast can be... if it is even speedy at all.

Historical basis:
This White Buffalo was Sha Mo Ke 沙摩柯's steed. It does not seem to stem from the ROTK storyline, but rather spin-off stories from ROTK. A ferocious animal that was known as the "King of all Buffalo". It was said that this beast could run pretty darn quickly, but only "almost as fast as a horse".

Yes, I feel pretty cheated. It's not even quick enough for a normal horse! And they're giving it a "-2"?! That's like faster than the Red Hare 赤兔! Oh well... this IS the unofficial pack. *shrug*

Tsk!... a buffalo?! Come on. Seriously.


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