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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Plastic Protection

Posted by Ricky Chua On 2:05 PM 3 comments
I've been getting queries lately about bringing in laminated SGS cards. Due to the cost of manpower, it only makes sense to have it laminated in China before bringing it over in shipments. I can't help but ask myself this question:

"What if I bring it in but nobody wants to buy?"

So i'm doing the next best thing... asking you for your opinion.

I have also listed down some of the common objections to laminated cards. Please have some fun in giving me your comments. I love to hear from you.


  1. I often wondered about this myself. How do I include unofficial cards (that are not laminated) with the Original game and the official expansions that are laminated.

    My solution was to have a friend in China purchase me a "fake" box of the original set plus all four expansions. These are high quality copies but the plus is they are not laminated. I then bought card sleeves (the ones that are commonly used for other card games like Magic The Gathering). My favorite part of the sleeves is that I can print out translations and put them into the sleeves.

    So now I have a laminated official set and an "English" language set that is not laminated but still protected by the card sleeves.

    Ricky would it be possible for you to get the non-laminated sets for the blogshop? I think this would be an overall cheaper and more uniform solution to the lamination issue.

  2. Currently the blogshop only has non-laminated sets. I have not started to bring in the laminated ones, but am planning to do so.

    Actually i'm going to get every card available in the laminated version, including unofficial cards and expansions!

  3. hi, cant help but notice that you mentioned "fake" box. is there anyway we can differentiate between the real and fake? are you able to post a comparison between them?


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