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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This insane collection is back... with a new tag-along.

The new Art-of-War Expansion (unofficial, of course)

As promised, the SGS Unofficial Hamper has been re-stocked! This time it comes with 2 new items included in the hamper:

- Saint Pack Add-on
- Art-of-War Expansion 军争之法 (which contains some interesting playing cards such as Ice Attack 冰杀)

New playing cards, new horse, new Demi-God.

This batch is not going to last for long. I only brought in a handful of sets (less than 10) due to logistic restraints. I kid you not.

If you've been waiting for this re-stock, then grab yours quick! Follow the link below.

SGS Unofficial Pack (Updated Feb 2011)

Have fun and 杀!


  1. What is the addon for the saints pack?

  2. Hey ricky, but i bought the pack before. So in order to get this new items i have to buy the whole set again? wah a bit chor leh haha

  3. Anon: Add-on for the saint pack consists of 3 cards. Saint Sun Quan, Fire Volley and Lightning Volley (Volley is a basic card from the Saint pack)

    Kelvin: Actually i have ONE separate pack. I can sell that separate pack to you. :)

  4. Hi there, may I know when would the collector's edition set be re-stocked? thanks!

  5. Sure man haha. I buy from you when we meeting up to SHA. haha

  6. @hihi: It could take another 2 weeks to arrive. Apologies for any delay.

  7. @Ricky: thanks for the quick reply, will check back the site for updates

  8. Hi Ricky,

    Do you sell only the saints add-on pack? Cos i have the rest of the unofficial pack. Let me know?


  9. Currently I do not, but i'll be putting up the option soon.

    You'll soon be able to customise your order completely. :)

  10. ok sure, meanwhile there is another new expansion from Sanguosha namely : 三国杀 民间最新扩展包 黄巾之乱 武将拓展包 内含随机仙武将一名.
    It consists of 9new golden characters. Will you be taking them soon around this couple of weeks?

  11. OKAY! I'll go check it out and hopefullybring it in soon!


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