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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

FAQ Arbitrator needed

Posted by Ricky Chua On 1:43 PM No comments
Know the game rules well? Take it to a new level.

It began about 2 weeks ago. In the 5 months leading up till then, I only received a question here and there about once a day. These questions primarily centered around character ability ambiguities and game rules. Suddenly, the floodgates opened about 2 weeks ago and i've been swamped with questions since. Just yesterday alone i received close to 20 questions! I'm left wondering... what happened? 

The Singaporean Influx
According to my blog statistics, the number of readers has been increasing steadily, with the most significant group of new visitors coming from none other than my home country, Singapore. Boy am i proud that my fellow countrymen are asking all the questions they can. After all, haven't we always been criticized for being passive learners? 

One man blog
As much as i am happy to answer all your questions, this blog is still a one-man undertaking. Time is of the essence here, and my goal is always to be as timely as possible in answering questions. I would hate to leave any reader's questions unanswered!! Plus, I may not always have the right answers. More than once have my mistakes been pointed out in my posts. A big thank you to these contributors! I am more than grateful to them for ensuring the information on this site stays as accurate as possible.

Join the fun
If you feel that you know the rules of this game well, enjoy providing the answers to people's questions, and know how to validate your answers reliably, please join this blog as an FAQ Arbitrator. As an arbitrator, you will receive an Email once a comment has been left on this blog. You are free to reply to the comment, as long as you are able to validate your answer sufficiently. No obligations, no strings attached.

Please email me at if you are interested in ensuring accurate info on this site, as well as promptly answering our valued readers.

Thanks for reading! Do hope to hear from you. 

Ricky Chua


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