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Friday, February 25, 2011

Pain on a stick. It's a simple weapon: spikes on ball on rod, bash with enthusiasm. The only difficult thing about this weapon is pronouncing its proper Chinese name. I must admit, before I did any research on this weapon, I only recognized two of characters in its traditional form (铁 which means metal, 骨 which means bone).

The Spiked Mace is a weapon that actually belonged to a character in the ROTK story. Can you make a guess which character owns this?

Ability description:
During a DUEL 决斗, any of your on-hand cards can be used as ATTACK 杀.

Historical basis:
If you guessed this weapon belongs to Yan Liang & Wen Chou 阎良文丑, you made a good guess. But, no! This weapon did not belong to the "Duel Brothers". Instead this weapon belonged to Sha Mo Ke 沙摩柯. However since Sha Mo Ke himself got such little air-time, the Spiked Mace was only mentioned in passing.

The words 铁蒺藜 means "spikes" in Chinese, specifically the type which is strewn on the floor to slow down enemy troops. Think Ninja-spikes and you would not be too far off. The difference though, is that these Chinese spikes pre-date the Ninjas by 2000 years. They were reported to have been used in the Warring States Era 战国时代 that stretch back to 700 BC. The other two words, 骨朵 , means "club". Sort of Cave-man-dish, but you get the idea.


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