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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So... what can I get you?

Posted by Ricky Chua On 8:41 PM 7 comments
Dear readers,

I've been getting some questions lately about selling Unofficial Cards (such as the Demon Cards) as well as purchasing the Demi-God cards separately. I know it's tough getting the entire collection of Demi-Gods since there can be only 1 (or sometimes none!) per expansion pack.

Well i guess i might as well do a market survey! Do tell me what you would like to purchase from the SGS BlogShop in future. The poll is on the left column. Here are some pictures to help you out with your selection.

Demi-God Cards

Unofficial Cards

Translations (Original Work)

Q version SGS (Cute version)

Collector's Edition SGS

Do participate in the vote! I'll act on the poll results and enlarge the variety on the BlogShop.

Have fun... and 杀!


  1. Hey Ricky, what is actually special about the collector's edition versus the regular? Thanks!

  2. The collectors edition comes with a nicely designed black metal casing and allocated slots within to lay out the various type of cards. There are 9 slots in this edition vs the 3 slots in the original.

    The cards that come in this pack are original + battle expansion + fire + wind. Note that Woods pack is not included.

    Furthermore, this edition also comes with 3 sets of tokens for the demi-god cards:
    -Demi-God ZhugeLiang's "Strong Gale 狂风" token
    -Demi-God ZhugeLiang's "Heavy Shroud 大雾" token
    -Demi-God Guan Yu's "Nightmare 梦魇" token

    Note that the Demi-God cards are not guaranteed to come with this pack. They are subject to the same random occurrence as buying the expansion packs separately!

  3. Thanks for explaining the tokens. Had no idea what they were included in the set for and there didnt seem to be an explanation.

  4. I would like to make a correction. The official discription of the collector's edition said that there will be AT LEAST ONE demi-god cards in this edition.

  5. Yes you are right! They do state that there will be at least one. Thanks for pointing that out!

  6. where can i buy the collector edition?

  7. It's already here. You can purchase from the SGS BlogShop (delivered worldwide). It will be up within the next 2 days!


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