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Monday, December 13, 2010

Translation Cards ON SALE NOW!!!!

Posted by Ricky Chua On 1:47 PM 7 comments
Finally! The translation cards created for your playing reference! Introducing the beta trial version of the SGS English translation cards for characters.

All 8 characters (Front side) of the Woods Pack plus the 2 Demi-God characters.

A sample of the reverse side of one of the cards. 

For now only the Woods Expansion Pack characters have been created. All cards are made of PVC material and are credit card sized. Every corner of the card has been rounded for safe-playing. All the cards can be easily stored in a business card holder.

Some of the special considerations taken into account during these cards creation include:

- Avatar of the characters on the front side. Easy recognition for players who cannot read the Chinese character names.
- English pronunciation of the characters name on the reverse side
- Allegiance, Health, and translated description provided.

Because of the PVC material used for these cards, they are tough and will last far longer than your paper-based SGS playing cards. Other properties of these cards include:

- Water-proof
- Tear-proof
- Durable
- Less likely to have bend and fold marks

All 8 characters of the Woods Expansion Pack are included. Order now and get the translation cards for 2 Demi-God Cao Cao and Lu Bu FREE!!


  1. Hi, Your blog is really helpful for people like me who know little chinese. It would be even better if you could come out with a little hand booklet for purchase which includes the basic game play and character abilities, tools etc so that it makes carrying ard convenient. :)

  2. Thanks! I am in the process of creating just that! Look out for it!

  3. So the this translated cards are just characters or will it encompass all other cards too?

  4. This set of translation cards are only for Woods Pack characters. Its still the trial version. The booklet that is coming soon will encompass all cards.

  5. is this something you doing on your own or are there any collabs with yoka?

  6. Its something i'm doing on my own. A collaboration with Yoka will be in the works.

  7. Without guide no body can't do any think
    PVC cards


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