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Friday, December 3, 2010

Demon Zhū Gě Liàng 鬼诸葛亮

Posted by Ricky Chua On 8:10 PM 6 comments
Translated Description:
"The Loyal Spirit at Wu Zhang Hills 五丈原忠魂 (wǔ zhàng yuán zhōng hún)"

(Note: Zhu Ge Liang died at Wu Zhang Hills before he could fulfill the wishes of the late Liu Bei 刘备)

(Double note: This description is probably the HARDEST to figure out. Seriously! Look at the simplified chinese characters listed above versus what is actually written on the right column of the card. Ridiculous!!)

Why is he a Demon:
Oh come on!!! How many damn versions of Zhu Ge Liang do we need in one game?! This is version number 4 already!! But at least all the other versions have nothing to do with his death.

Strangely, there is almost no supernatural mention of Zhu Ge Liang after his death. Given his superstar status, most would have thought the author would throw in some paranormal occurrence. With a come-back as dramatic as Guan Yu 关羽's ghost possessing Lu Meng 吕蒙, it would not have been far-fetched for Zhu Ge Liang's ghost to wreak havoc on earth. Yet, none of that happened. You kind of get that surreal sense of mourning after his passing, like the world will just never be the same without him.

So for some extra flavour, what kind of ridiculously powerful abilities would you give a supernatural Demon who was already omni-potent in life? Well... THE MOST RIDICULOUSLY POWERFUL ABILITY in the entire game!!!

Character ability 1: Playing God 装神 (zhuāng shén)
At the beginning of the turn, you can flip a judgement card. If the judgement is "Spades" or "Clubs", you can immediately acquire all the abilities of any character of your choice currently in play until the beginning of your next turn.

Character ability 2: [Enforced ability] Ghostly Almanac 奇门 (qí mén)
You will always be immune to the effects of all Time-Delayed Tool Cards 延时锦囊牌.

The words 奇门 comes from the phrase 奇门遁甲, which is an ancient chinese almanac that dates back many millenia. It is supposed to be a record of the struggles and experiences of mankind against mother nature and her phenomena. Over the ages, it evolved into a fortune-telling handbook.

Usage Comments:
Bugs bugs bugs!! Yes, Demon ZhugeLiang is powerful, but his "Playing God" ability is riddled with bugs that are so overwhelming it takes the fun out of the character. Say for instance he takes on the abilities of Demi-God Lu Bu 神吕布, he would not be able to do much since he does not start with any Rage Tokens. What if he became Demi-God Guan Yu 神关羽? When he switches to another character, what happens to the Nightmare Tokens? There are many more scenarios where there are no answers.

Bear this in mind if you ever come across doubts regarding this character: This guy is UNOFFICIAL. The original game-makers would probably never allow such abilities to exist because it will be a nightmare to debug and answer all the questions. Therefore no matter where you search for the factual answer to your question, there will be no official stand!

Use this guy when everyone has gone quite mad and need some relief, otherwise I would stay away from him if as far as possible. You've been warned!


  1. Question about 3 different scenarios:
    1) If 曹操 is emperor, is 鬼诸葛亮 also able to ask others in his kingdom (I guess in this case, other demons) to defend for him?

    2) If 曹操 is NOT emperor, can 鬼诸葛亮 still use the emperor skill?

    3) If 鬼诸葛亮 is emperor, can he use 曹操's emperor skill?

  2. (O_O") ermm...

    I really do not know the factual answers (i don't think there are any factual answers!), but here's what i think.

    My personal opinions, completely arguable.

    1) If CaoCao is Ruler, Demon Zhuge should be able to use "Royal Escort 护驾". However Zhuge can only ask Wei characters (not Demon characters). This is because the term Wei Characters is spelt out in Cao Cao's abilities and Demon Zhuge should follow that strictly.

    2) If Cao Cao is not Ruler, then he would not have access to that ability. Demon Zhuge is also not Ruler. So my answer is No.

    3) Tough one! My answer would be YES. My reasoning is that Demon Zhuge's ability states he can have the abilities of that character, and it does not state Ruler Ability or not. I have interpreted it to mean all the abilities can be mimicked. Very arguable though.

  3. It will be funny if he decided to adopt 周泰's 不屈,and then at the beginning of his next turn, he dies.

  4. What happened if Demi God Zhu Ge is in play. Can he copy his ability and use the token to protect himself? Would he use Demi God Zhu Ge's pile of stars? (and waste them haha)

  5. No, the stars belong to Demi-God Zhuge Liang.


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