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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Demon Lǚ Bù 鬼吕布

Posted by Ricky Chua On 10:31 PM 4 comments
Translated Description:
"The Wraith of the White Gate 白门恶鬼 (bái mén è guǐ)"

Why is he a Demon:
The white gate was where Lu Bu ultimately might his death under the hands of Cao Cao 曹操. In all fairness, Demi-God Lu Bu is awesome enough and there really is no need for this watered-down version. I guess in this case he is demoted from Godly status down to a scary, but not lethal, ghost. It does not help that he looks like a purple cockroach dressed for a heavy metal concert. Yes you can probably tell that I seriously do not have the answer to this question of why he is a demon.

Character ability 1: [Enforced ability] Strike the Halberd 射戟 (shè jǐ)
During the action phase, your ATTACK 杀 cannot be dodged in the following scenario: Your target is within you attacking range and, at the same time, you are within your target's attacking range.

Character ability 2: Final Execution 绝戮 (jué lù)
When your ATTACK card used is your last on-hand card, your attacking range is unlimited and this ATTACK can target up to 2 players.

Usage Comments:
"Strike the Halberd" actually punishes those who have huge attacking ranges. As long as you can reach that player, its free-frag! Toss this together with Demon Hua Xiong 鬼华雄 on your team and you could have a very interesting play-off. Get Demon Hua Xiong to forcefully equip a long range weapon unto your target and watch your target become your sitting duck.

"Final Execution" is a lesser rip-off of Heaven Scorcher Halberd's ability and Tai Shi Ci 太史慈's ability. This ability does not particularly appeal to a tactical player like me because it requires me to go naked without cards. Still, this ability will become useful in games with 6 or more players where range is a problem, but i do not see how you can escape unscathed by your next turn with a naked hand!


  1. Do you know this model of Lu Bu is actually from the popular game "Dynasty Warrior 6" LOL

  2. Actually all of the Demon cards images are from there!! Rip off huh? haha

  3. can u give me the link for all demon cards



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